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How You Can Get Rid Of Dark Lips – Remedies For Dark Lips

you will agree when you say that of all the characteristics, pink lips are more attractive! And that’s exactly why women of all ages and ethnicity want to have pink lips. However, with age and many other factors, lips tend to darken. There are numerous factors that cause dark lips, such as smoking, use of lipsticks are not cheap brand, excessive consumption of coffee, sucking on the lips, sun exposure or alcohol. Most women try to hide their dark lips behind the layer of lip gloss or lipstick, but this is not a permanent solution. To achieve lips are naturally pink, that expensive lip balms and colors is not necessary, all you need is a lot of natural remedies that will bring back the lost glory to his lips. pink lips always leads to the madmen and thanks to these resources are one step!

pink lips, enhance the beauty of your smile and make you look even more charming and attractive. No one is born with dark lips are our ways and habits that lead to pigmented lips. Along with our daily habits, hormonal imbalances and poor diet they are also responsible for making dark lips. Along with making some changes in your lifestyle and use of high quality cosmetics for lips you can obtain natural lips following simple tips. Try the resources listed to obtain, easily and naturally pink lips pink.

Get Rid Of Dark Lips How to get rid of dark lips

Lemon Wonder

is a known fact that the lemon has bleaching properties and it is this feature of this yellow fruit that can help to act as a skin lightening agent. This property of lemon makes it an effective remedy for dark lips. The acid content in the shells of fresh lemon juice upper layer of the skin, leaving the lighter, softer pink and blue lips.


  • For light lips, apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on your lips every night before going to bed. Leave it on overnight and wash with water the next morning.
  • can also be used as a wash spray a little sugar into thin slices of lemon. Rub lemon slice sugar coated over her lips to peel dead layers of skin that will pave the way for new cells to grow. Repeat this activity every day to get the desired results.
  • Yet another way to use lemon lip, is to make a mixture thereof with glycerin and honey. Take a half – teaspoon of the three ingredients, mix them together and apply dark lips. Leave it on her lips and wash the next morning. Keep applying the mixture to the time see positive results.
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Olive Oil to the Rescue

Some oils can also help you get the pink lips you’ve always dreamed of pink and blue. Among all oils, olive oil is considered to be the best. Loaded with essential nutrients and moisturizing properties, this oil nourishes lips to give them a touch of softness and make it alive and vibrant.

How to use?

  • To achieve lips, your lips massage extra virgin oil a day, before getting into bed.
  • can also prepare a scrub off-mixing a few drops of it with half the sugar spoon. Rubbing with this simple recipe once a week will help you get a natural pink lips within a month.

magic Beets

Did you know that beets can be used to make a shine to the lips? Beetroot has the ability to stimulate the production of blood cells and improves blood circulation to the lips, making them healthy and shiny. It also has bleaching properties and thus helps to lighten the color of your lips.

How to use?

  • fresh beet juice can be applied to the lips before going to sleep. Leave on overnight and rinse when you wake up in the morning. Natural red beets help your dark lips are pink. Repeat this exercise daily.
  • can also apply beet juice mixed with carrot juice lip for quick results. Massage your lips with the mixture and rinse after 10 minutes. Do it daily for at least 2-3 weeks to start seeing results.

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sweetness of sugar

You can get rid of the dark looking naturally lips by exfoliating them on a regular basis. Sugar makes an excellent exfoliating agent that helps in the discovery of the lips color of light by removing the layer of dead skin cells dark.

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  • Prepare a thick paste by mixing sugar granulated sugar with butter and dark lips scrub with him. Repeating this exercise once a week helps get bright lips and pink.
  • You can try another form of the sugar solution, by preparing a mixture of granulated sugar with honey and almond oil in a ratio of 2 exfoliating: 2: 1. Apply this scrub once a week to restore the natural appearance of the lips.
  • Yet another way to use the sugar is mixed with cold cream every day and apply to lips before going to bed. The repetition of this activity once a week surely allow you to enjoy pink lips.

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Granada by dark lips

Granada not only increases your health, but also helps to get rid of dark lips. Having substantial amount of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants, nourishes and moisturizes dry lips and lets them look pink again.

How to use?

  • Scrub your lips with a paste made from a tablespoon of seeds crushed Granada mixed with rose water and milk cream. To do this, add each morning to a natural pink lips.
  • You can also apply a mixture of Granada, carrot juice and beet as and when you fancy. Regular use shows better results.

Lips Rosewater for darkness

Rosewater can reveal pink lips natural and smooth. Rose has soothing, moisturizing and cooling effect that helps soothe irritated skin and reduce sun damage.

How to use?

  • Apply a combination of rosewater and honey on the lips 3-4 times a day until results are visible.
  • Mix crushed rose petals with butter, cream and honey to make a thin paste. Rub for 2-3 minutes to exfoliate lips. Follow step twice a week.
  • Alternatively, you can use rose petals soaked in milk for an hour and then ground to make a paste of them. Add to pasta a pinch of saffron and half a tablespoon of honey and massage the pigmented lips for about 15 minutes. Do this 2 times a day can help get pink lips pink.

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