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How you can eat healthy at a Chinese restaurant


The good news for all weight-watchers is that healthy options are not too hard to find in a Chinese restaurant. You need to choose wisely. The next time you head out and order, follow these rules

soup up

sort a clear vegetable soup instead of noodle soup your favorite. The first would have less calories compared to last, which mostly calories from refined carbohydrates-noodles sets. This also fill you and crush your appetite for other dishes.

Steam Collection

spring rolls can be your departure to start, but stay away from these fried delicacies. Instead of opting for cakes steamed vegetables. Two balls of dough set you back 80 calories, eat no more than that!

Switch sauces

This is the easiest way to cut calories, fat, sodium and sugar Chinese food. This means eating the dumplings without the usual sauces. Ask the chef to use half the usual amount of sauce to prepare your dish.

Loads vegetables

Chinese food largely consists of vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, peppers, bean sprouts, and carrot. Be sure to order any dish has plenty of vegetables. Instead of asking honey chilli potatoes, sauteed vegetables order. Fiber vegetables will fill you up and provide vitamins and phytochemicals to your meal.

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Choose rice over noodles

The rice has fewer calories than the noodles and is easy to exercise portion control. Some restaurants have steamed rice on the menu, so that, as it will increase the nutrition and fiber in your food and help keep your blood sugar stable blood. Remember to always have only portions of rice fist size.

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