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How Yoga Helped Irom Sharmila Go Through Her 16 Year Fast

Irom Sharmila Chanu, the “Indian Iron Lady ‘of Manipur, has endured 16 years of fasting in protest of the Act (special powers) (AFSPA) Armed Forces. She’s “longest hunger strike in the world” and has attracted worldwide interest as an activist for civil rights and political activist. She was fed to food through a tube in the nose (tube Ryles) for 500 weeks -. an unimaginable feat He managed to keep going all these years with the help of a diet, yoga, and pure specially formulated willpower [19459003!]


How Sharmila 16 quick Year affected his Body

medical superintendent of the hospital JNIMS in Imphal, the Dr. L Ranbir Singh said “his esophagus has been out of operation for years”

the effects of using tube feeding

being on a liquid diet for so many years she has taken its toll on the digestive system Sharmila. The medical superintendent of JNIMS Hospital in Imphal, Dr. L Ranbir Singh said “his esophagus has been out of operation for years” and so you need to get gradually accustomed to solid foods. The long-term use of a nasogastric feeding tube also increases the risk of gastrointestinal individual and metabolic disorders, including acute gastric ulcers. H er liquefied meals also means that your stomach is not used to digesting regular food and for all intents and purposes, it is similar to that of a small child. Indeed, their diet over the coming months will have to include easy to digest baby food, as part of their recovery program.

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as Irom Sharmila survived during rapid

Irom Sharmila diet during fasting include regular foods and feeds liquefy it. Rice, dal and cooked vegetables were part of their regular diet puree. These foods made sure she received vitamins, carbohydrates and protein that is required. However, it is also necessary to take supplements 3 times a day to ensure that she met their requirements for calcium and minerals. Your diet and nutrient intake had to be constantly adjusted to ensure that it maintains a healthy body weight. However, saliva is an important part of the digestive process and this component completely missing since the food was introduced directly through your esophagus and into the stomach. This lack of saliva could affect the amount of nutrients your body was able to absorb what means she could suffer the effects of nutrient deficiency long term.

. “If a person does yoga, you can help one live longer By doing yoga, one can live up to a hundred years!” – Irom Sharmila

How to Improve yoga Sharmila physical and mental health

quick may have had an impact of Sharmila on your physical health, but that does not mean it did not take a toll on your health mental. Many people have been able to support more than a decade of being force-fed in a prison converted into a hospital? She has attributed her dedication and mental strength to yoga . His brother said that “it is his strong will and the daily habit of practicing yoga, which maintained its good physical shape.” Sharmila started doing yoga asanas in 1998-99 and has since been doing every day since.


She impressed the doctors attending the police and yoga skills as she can make a stretch legs and 180 pushups in just two fingers. In his biography aptly named “Burning Bright” Sharmila recommends yoga saying, “If a person does yoga can help one live longer By doing yoga, one can live up to a hundred years.”

Irom Sharmila has been a driving force behind several organizations are struggling to revoke AFSPA from Manipur. When he broke his fast, he said, “I’ve been fasting for 16 years and I have nothing of it I want to try different agitation now. – Me one dispute against the Head of State Minister”. It is obvious that Sharmila has not abandoned his cause and still continue their work as civil rights activist; she is simply shifting its focus

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August 11, 2016

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