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How to Use Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection

said skin is affected, drink it. In any case started with virgin olive oil organic cold-pressed … I had been in the hospital for about a week with septicemia (bacteria in the blood) can be fatal if not handled fairly quickly … I was almost too late. What the actual organizm was that was in my blood was never discovered, my release papers just stated organizm improved and unknown.

I’m not used to having any kind of fungal infections of any kind so when I got this strange rash that itched all over I immediately went to my doctor, who, after discovering that he had decided septicemia he did not want to deal with him and he sent me to a dermatologist, who also seemed unwilling to deal with it after reading that had been in the hospital by bacteria in the blood (no wonder 158,000 Americans die from sepsis each year .

Nobody wants to treat you for things that happen secondary. anyway, I started reading about something to do with septicemia, blood infections, etc. and I found an article about John Hopkins this septicemia and then it was yeast, yeast Candida and other yeast infections inside and outside the body. this led me directly to virgin coconut oil. I decided to get the compressed cold as I know even vitamins that are cold compressed have much more power than those made with process heat., So I started the regiment basically the same as everyone else, never used anything garlic, onion broth for three days along with oil coconut by mouth and rub it all over his body.

After a couple of days I thought this is not working, then the third day was like something kicked in, perhaps the own defenses of my body or whatever, but there was a marked improvement, it enough so that even those who are around me the time realized. What is defined in real life were pictures taken on the first day before starting treatment and then again on the fourth day … when you see the difference also makes your mind help your body help itself same, I know it sounds silly, but he does not know why he does it, I guess it works on the same principle that children give games that can trigger their cancer cells. Of course, in reality they are not firing their cancer cells, but more than 85% of children with machines and who did, 85% were those who improved the most, because they think in your mind that are killing these things so our mind has to have something to do with healing the body.

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Anyone who has been to do something and think they can not, will not, but if they enter anything positive that I can always seem to be able to. This is something that I am now very interested in because I know that the other 90% of our brain has to do more than just fill the other space in our heads, otherwise we would have small heads to match our little 10% LOL knowledge.

I also realized that if I hurt some other way, as I burned my skin in the oven, two days later instead of healing also became like the other things (infected yeast ) that has not hurt yourself to get it, you just have to have a lot of it in your gut and this is where it started for me, it has not yet got the stuff that people talk in the vagina. So I guess if you are in the skin, then it can also be treated the same way as in the skin. Again, I drank garlic and onion broth, which seems to be the difference in what some are using, but certainly use coconut oil and only the best.

Ah, one more thing, I do not go out and get hot and sweaty during those four days, moisture helps the bacteria grow, I was inside, which also never to shower, bath or took anything with water, took baths of alcohol, again because I read it can make matters worse if you do not get quite dry. It was not the best thing in the world, but it worked and that is all that matters at this time.

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I’ve never had anything so painful, itchy and these little black looking points I thought I got my dog ​​like fleas or something, but no, it was the yeast, my dog ​​has never had fleas as the we try every month, but hey I was looking to blame anything at the time. If you do try this make sure you get everything you need ready at a time or you leave something out and could be the difference in about five days of healing time. Good luck, and you may want to check out the symptoms of a yeast infection bad enough comes into contact with skin, almost I checked everything on the list. He was sure it was a fungal infection after you finish checking what I had. I was completely sure it was what I had.

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