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How to use Baking Soda to Remove Hair Color?

Have you ever colored your hair just to look gorgeous? There is no problem in hair coloring, as many people specifically make women color their hair for many reasons. Some want to change their lifestyle and appearance, while some have white hair as they age and have no choice. Among women hair coloring is very popular, especially with celebrities.

Often we are very careless in the choice of hair color. Just imagine what will happen if we choose the wrong color and apply on the hair. It will be disastrous. When something like this happens, most of us choose expensive products remover color. But are they safe for your skin and hair? you do not know. Since they contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hair or skin.

There is no home remedy to remove hair color removing without damaging our skin and hair, and is baking soda. This ingredient is part of every cuisine in the world and has incredible effects. See the video below for a complete guide on how to use baking soda to remove hair color.

using sodium bicarbonate to remove hair color?

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