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How To Treat Heel Pain Naturally At Home – 20 Best Remedies That Really Work

The heel pain or plantar fascia can occur due to several reasons, arthritis, neurological, infectious, autoimmune and other systemic diseases can trigger it. The best you can do is get diagnostic tests complete career for him. In addition, you can use the following home remedies to treat heel pain in the country.

1. Reduce wear heels

Heel pain may occur due to wear and tear in the area of ​​the foot and heel. If possible, determine the heel pain cause could not be inappropriate footwear, poor posture, or too much activity is causing? If so, stop the activity immediately. Sometimes heel pain can stop as quickly as it went on. Resting your feet is the best you can do in such a case.

2. Use safety boots

is very important to use the right shoes that provide comfort to the bottom of the heel. If you are experiencing pain in the left heel or sole right, then it is very likely that the cause is an inappropriate footwear. If necessary, change their shoes. Try different shoes and walk in them before buying them. Avoid very loose shoes because your feet will try to automatically and the vacuum caused by walking. In addition, you must use proper footwear for gymnastics, sports, walking or other activities. Typically athletic shoes or sneakers good companies can help. These are designed to reduce pressure on your feet when you enjoy activities such as cycling, spinning, etc.

3. Do not walk barefoot

Heel pain is most common in people who walk barefoot. sharp stones, rocks or other objects can cause trauma to the heel that causes the pain. You should also get special shoes or slippers for home use. Look, padded soft rubber shoes or slippers and if necessary, wear socks inside. This is the best and easiest treatment of heel pain to implement as part of their home remedies.

4. Use media buffer and shoe inserts

Pad supports and inserts can prevent worsening of pain in the heel. You must use the support cushion heel hardwood floors, in the bathroom, in bathtubs and showers, etc. You can even use taloneras brackets or arcs that are readily available on the market.

5. Use a splint at night heel

A splint or brace heel is readily available in the market and be used primarily at night to hold the foot. These can prevent swelling and inflammation of the heel and provide much comfort necessary if the pain is not let you sleep.

6. Put ice in pain

The Big Chill can reduce inflammation and is the best treatment for heel pain instant relief. Wrap the ice in a thin towel and apply gentle pressure on the affected heel. Make sure ice for at least 15 minutes. Repeat application of this cold compress every two hours. This is a great remedy for sore heel for athletes experiencing heel pain.

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7. Stretching the calf muscles

weak calf muscles can sometimes lead to unnecessary pressure on your heels. The same applies to the exercise of these muscles by doing some lunges, calf muscle-stretching sitting etc. Calf flexibility is invaluable to get rid of heel pain at home tool.

8. arches stretching and hamstrings

Any kind of pain indicates weakness in associated muscles. The stretching of the arches and hamstrings can relieve the pressure of the heel area. Stretching the arches of the feet can also make them agile and flexible. Hamstring stretches can also be done one of two ways: the length of the modified hamstring tendon and hamstring stretch supine. The following figures show how to do these stretching exercises to stop heel pain naturally.

how to gte rid of heel pain at home how to get rid of heel pain at home

9. Relieve morning stiffness

The main reason for heel pain morning stiffness is going on during the night. Wearing a brace or splint may help heel; Also, you should do some stretching in the morning to reduce the stiffness of the heel. Sitting up in bed and do some rotations feet, stretching the calf muscles, etc. This will make a big difference in the levels of heel pain throughout the day.

how to get rid of heel pain at home

10. Take cycling or swimming

Cycling is one of the best exercises you can take to eliminate heel pain. The movements in this exercise focus on the arch of the feet and strengthen muscles and ligaments to relieve heel pain. The same is true with swimming. The water provides gentle resistance to his feet and strengthens the muscles of the calves and arches.

11. Go easy on which it is

Walking is a good exercise, but for people with heel pain, which is extremely important to get it right. Use good posture and form when walking. You also need to vary the intensity and duration of the march. Keep a diary in the days to walk more, increased heel pain or decrease? In addition, not brisk walking aggravate the pain or reduce it? All these answers can help you modify your exercise accordingly.

12. Stay hydrated

There is a deep connection between the amount of water you drink and inflammation. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to heal the body from within. Sensible hydration has also been recommended as a part of treatment in Ayurveda-heel ancient Indian medicine.

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13. Eat ghee

This is another heel pain treatment as recommended in Ayurveda. Ghee is clarified butter that can be easily made at home by boiling grass-fed organic butter ,. The heating process water is removed and the residue left behind is Ghee. Eat a teaspoon of butter daily to maintain flexible joints, prevent arthritis and reduce inflammation.

14. Massage

The therapeutic massage can help relieve foot pain and heel caused by trauma. Heat some coconut oil or olive oil. Use a sterile cotton swab to apply the oil on the heel. Apply gentle pressure and use circular motions on the heels to relieve pain. Repeat this self massage twice, once in the morning upon awakening and again at night. You can also get foot massage done in a spa or salon. reflexology massage can help reduce heel pain and also benefit your body in many other ways. You can also buy balls bead or use water bottles filled roll under the foot and massaging pain.

15. Sleep with your feet

This is the best thing to do when the pain of any kind is experienced. Raise the part having pain, especially during sleep and see the difference it makes to the intensity of pain. This is a great remedy to prevent heel pain in the morning.

16. Avoid dangerous surfaces

People prone to heel pain should stay away from icy surfaces, sharp rocky terrain, mountainous or uneven surfaces slippery ,, specific areas, even hard . These tend to add to the tension in the heel aggravate the pain.

17. Eat well

consume lots of antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation. Avoid refined foods, sugar and foods high in saturated fats. Eating many organic vegetables and fruits vegetables.

18. Reduce weight

Obesity is the leading cause of heel pain. Know your body mass index and make efforts to lose weight slowly and steadily. Daily exercise.

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19. Avoid jump back into activity after the pain is reduced

Start slowly instead of rushing in vigorous exercise, since it could lead back pain. Proceed with caution, but follow the exercises that bring relief.

20. Use the power of the mind

positive visualization and affirmations? They help in healing. So meditate and concentrate on feeling better. Think about healing and healthy thoughts instead of thoughts about what you can not control. Also, try to reduce stress through mind and body practices that stress is the main cause of all types of pain and inflammation.

Use these 20 home remedies to get to the bottom of heel pain.

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