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How To Store Your Garlic & Onions So They Last For Months!

Do you catch that buying tons of garlic and onion? If so, most aromatic vegetables probably end up in the trash, even before they have the opportunity to add them to your meals.

This article is to be read and stop throwing your money away. We give some good advice on how to keep your onions and fresh garlic for much longer.

tiny green shoots suggest that garlic should be used no more. Molds in their onions tell you exactly the same.

You may want to plant immediately or otherwise completely rot.

Unfortunately, gardening is the last thing I would do after a long day of work, and yes, vegetables rot.

You you need the following items to store the garlic and onion correctly:

  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Paper Clips
  • A drilling

and, of course, fresh garlic and onion and healthy looking. Do not use parts that have already developed some imperfections in its surface.


Drill bags in any way that works for you. Fold each bag a few times, and punch in a row.

Be sure to leave an inch of clearance between each stroke. You should end up with several rows of holes.

you can also perforate each bag along one side. Flip the bag over, and punch along the other side, providing an inch between strokes. Their holes do not have to be perfect, because they should just let air flow freely.


Fill perforated bags half, and fold over. Store up side down, and the label.

The air circulates freely around the vegetables through small holes, and vegetables stay fresh longer.

Keep vegetables in the same drawer as before, but not overload them. Use plastic bags to keep them upright and provide enough space for air to flow freely. You can keep the containers in your pantry.

The success of this method depends on several factors. Keep an eye on the conditions of light, temperature and humidity of the place that has stores in your vegetables.

Additional tips:

1. Keep away from your potatoes onion and garlic

Potatoes release gases that cause onions and garlic rot much faster than usual. You should never keep these vegetables in the same drawer.

2. closed plastic bags are bad

paper or plastic bags open always work best. With the closing of the bags air flow is cut off, and vegetables rot faster.

3. Your refrigerator is not necessary

dry and dark places always work best for your onions and garlic. You could use your basement for this purpose. Low temperatures these vegetables are softened, and its flavor ‘intoxicate’ the rest of the products in your fridge.

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