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How to Stop Sneezing? (Home Remedies for Sneezing)

is sneezing bothers you and you stop sneezing or sneeze attack ?? A sneeze can be due to an allergy, infection or common cold. It is a natural phenomenon that sneezing. Many people are irritated with sneezing and want to stop it. There is a world record holder who kept sneezing for about 977 days. He sneezed sneezing for a few million. If you do not have a tissue handy in your social circle, then you can create an uncomfortable and embarrassing time for you. This article will give some of the ways that can be tried to stop a sneezing attack.

How to Stop Sneezing or a Sneeze Attack

Various ways to stop sneezing:

1. Blow nose to stop sneezing

Follow this:

  • When a sneeze is about to come sit, take a tissue or a handkerchief and blowing nose.
  • By blowing the nose will help stop a sneeze.

2. Stop sneezing, pressing his nose

Stretching a part of your nose with your fingers. Stretching nose and sneezing can stop being stretched cartilage of the nose by stretching the tip of his nose.

3. Tickle the roof of the mouth to stop sneezing

Fold the tip of the tongue and try to touch the ceiling mouth whenever you feel the sneeze is coming. Take a few seconds can be 5 to 10 seconds and sneezing disappear.

4. A small pinch can help stop a sneeze attack

Try to pull the cartilage of the nose with the index finger to stop a sneeze. The nerve that is causing sneezing pinches and help in stopping a sneeze.

5. Apply pressure to stop sneezing

  • Apply pressure on the upper lip with your finger and thumb. Press your upper lip with pressure and bends toward the nose. This will help stop the feeling or desire to sneeze.
  • may try to apply pressure on your earlobe to stop a sneeze. This may sound funny if you are sitting in a group in a public place, but the application of pressure can create some simulation and support.
  • You can try to apply pressure on their brows. Pinch between the eyebrows to stop a sneeze.
  • You can try to pinch the upper lip and push the nose with your fingers. This may cause some sensation and help stop a sneeze.
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6. Try to know the reason behind your sneezing

  • Some people sneeze when exposed to sun or the bright.
  • is observed in 18% to 35% of people. It can be inherited.
  • Whenever I go to be exposed to sunlight or bright light using a scarf or sunglasses. Keep your focus away from the bright lights.
  • Also known as ACHOO syndrome is autosomal dominant compelling Helio Ophthalmic Outburst.
  • must take steps to save themselves from “sun sneezing” which will help in turn to stop a sneeze precautions.

7. Know your allergies stop sneezing

A sneeze can be due to foreign substances in their environment. Try to know what you are allergic to, in addition to contact a doctor.

  • Keep your allergies at bay keeping their doors and windows closed. Allergens can move that into your home or car through doors and windows.
  • Change your clothes when you come home after a long day. A shower can also help if you are out for so long to get rid of all allergens and bacteria that cause sneezing.
  • Try antihistamines to stop a sneeze. Antihistamines can help keep cough, runny nose and itchy eyes away, plus stop sneezing.

8. Sneezing healthily stop sneezing

When sneezes not spread bacteria around. Keep a tissue handy for bacteria issued by that can affect many people around. The best way is to keep a box of tissues with you. Every time you sneeze, use a tissue and dispose of that tissue. If you do not have a handkerchief or tissue by hand after sneezing into hands and wash hands thoroughly to get rid of all bacteria. Try using a hand sanitizer after sneezing as your hands touch many areas that can spread bacteria among others being a contagious disease. I say “sorry” or “excuse me” if you sneeze in a larger group. Try to sneeze as quiet as possible not to disturb anyone around you at your workplace or group. It is always good and appreciated after sneezing politely without spreading germs around.

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9. Become angry to stop sneezing

You can try to make yourself angry biting her teeth as strong as you can. This can help stop a sneeze.

Other Tips to stop a Sneezing :.

  • Treating water saline drops in the nose to stop a sneezing attack
  • Take a tissue or handkerchief forever.
  • Try not to spread germs sneezing.
  • sneezing force that can damage the lungs or do any damage Do not approach.
  • tea with honey and lemon to stop a sneezing attack and is hot.
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