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How to Save 3.5 Hours A Week (by Meal Planning)

The best way to meal plan

Short answer? Meal Planning ( that’s how ).

Here is the answer long and how saving 3.5 hours per week with 5 minutes meal planning …

I’ve always been a person systems that like you find the quickest way to accomplish something. I am also a perfectionist (recovery).

Unfortunately, this led to some sleepless nights in high school and college as I stayed up all night studying or ensure that a report was perfect, but with time, I have learned to take advantage my perfectionism and love of reality systems save time rather than take time.

Some people call it obsessive compulsive slightly, I call good time management.

The A system that changed my life

as it is called, is not a particular system that has literally changed my life as a mother and that is meal planning. It’s something I started doing nearly a decade ago when I was pregnant with my first child and I have done (mostly regularly) since. In fact, of all systems and planning, planning meals for the week has saved me most of the time (even more than the reading speed).

I started planning the food out of sheer necessity, when we had an incredible limited budget and had to be sure that no food went to waste. I have continued to do so in recent years both to save money and to save time.

At first, it is manufactured and used an index card that basic system worked well, but it takes a half hour each week to organizing and planning, in addition to more than 2 hours of shopping each week.

was developed in a spreadsheet and PDF documents that I saw on my phone that worked a little better exported.

Over time, I developed a whole line system to keep my recipes, create meal plans and allow me to customize depending on family size. I began to share this with readers a few years ago and several wellness meals Mama was born.

I tracked down the time spent planning, preparing and shopping for meals in the weeks did not plan meals ahead and weeks I did … the difference? 3.5 hours a week on average. (Also it saved about $ 45 a week vs. shopping when I planned when I did not).

Unfortunately, while Mama wellness meals was perfect for me, it had its limitations for you. For example, you could add recipes as it had back-end access to the system, but users could not add your own. I had a list of user requests for enhancements such as the ability to exclude recipes with ingredients that were allergic to ease of use and better mobile or application. These things were far beyond my technical ability or what he could afford to hire someone to create.

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A better way Meal?

After attending a health conference last year, which ended up sitting next to someone at a restaurant and the issue of meal planning he approached. It turns out that he was the husband of a blogger I love and have become friends (Emily holistic squid), and I realized that he shared my enthusiasm for real food and systems.

Indeed, this guy (Antony Bartlett) was a ninja systems. And he had created a meal planner. And it was better than mine. Better.

At first, I had an internal conflict. On the one hand, I loved my recipes and meal planning system that had spent years in development, but on the other hand, I knew I could never create a system as good as I had done.

Over time, I had a long conversation with Anthony and Emily and the decision to merge Mama wellness meals in the actual plans. I hoped it would be easier for users and current users would love (they do), but I was surprised to find out how much I loved it too! In fact, even with the creation of many of my own recipes every week (because food blogger …) I still saving hours of time!

Actual Plans is so easy to use and customize you can plan literally food in about 5 minutes a week. automatic feeding plan, which can be customized as much as I would like and then I see the plan, recipes and shopping list on my phone is created.

meal planning Seriously, I’ve been almost a decade, and real plans is saving me more time, especially in the supermarket and farmers market. Since there are also options for batch cooking or preparing one day in advance, it is even easier to save time!

Another advantage? With Welfare Mama into plans, all 500+ of my recipes is obtained, plus more than 1,000 additional recipes with new recipes are added every week!

Click here to try out real plans!

a look inside

real plans automatically generates a meal plan for you each week. You can choose settings you email them or simply log in and check it out … This also works in its free mobile app so you can plan, shop and cook from your phone!

Real Plans Menu

Do not like something on the menu? Do not worry, you can customize with a drag and drop in about three seconds:

Customize real plans

has food allergies or not eat your family? Just add on the configuration page and you will never see recipes with ingredients again! You can also customize how many people you are cooking for.

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Real Plans Food Preferences

can even customize which days you want to generate meals, what kind of meals, and even if you want a day of big kitchen, so can lots of preparing meals before weather.

Which days in real plans

If you have family favorite recipes, you can add and make them part of your meal plan.

Add recipe in real plans

And after finishing this process incredibly long (which could have a whole 5 minutes if changes everything ?) real plans generates a customized list of purchases that can be seen in your phone via your mobile app while shopping. You can even mark items that you know you have only buy what you need.

shopping list

is so easy!

Besides that, you can modify each recipe, define which store you want to buy each ingredient, and even add a picture of the specific ingredient (if you send her husband to the store to pick up ingredients and he does not know what brand to get).

I can honestly say that not much has really changed my life. Among them are homemade deodorant, magnesium, organic mattress and my real plans. Of these, actual plans is the least expensive and most valuable (as little as $ 7 / month!)

Click here to try out real plans!

Meal from phone

Another advantage of actual plans is the ability to plan and shop completely with your phone. You can see the meal plan, recipes or shopping list on your phone and check off the list as you shop:

Real Plans Mobile Recipe Box Real Plans mobile shopping list

More Reasons I Love ( and use) Real plans Every week

  • the easiest way to plan healthy meals for my family
  • mobile application for easy use, especially when buying
  • me easily save more per week than the actual cost of plans per month!
  • it takes less than five minutes to plan meals for the week
  • Reduces time grocery shopping and budgeting by simplifying the process
  • Makes it effortless to stick to meal planning
  • my kids love using it and my

Meal Plans 9 years old can plan meals for our entire week by self each week include

  • An eating plan pre-made based on your food preferences
  • Ability to change completely and customize the meal plan each week
  • easy to add your own recipes or recipes from your favorite website (s)
  • All my recipes (more than 500), plus more than 1,000 new recipes and more added every week
  • a simple way to sort by ingredient, recipes remove allergens and modify any recipe
  • more!

As you can probably tell, I’m super excited about real plans and I think it will also enchant !

do you plan meals? If not, what’s stopping you?

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