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How to Remove Kidney Stones in 10 Days Only by Using Millet Grains!

Millet is a low price, easy and simply brilliant component for the treatment of problems related to the kidney.

In medicine people millet is used as an herbal remedy for the cure of calculi (kidney stones in the urine and urinary tract).


effectively clean the kidneys, removes sand and silt, which removes small stones from the kidneys and bladder and helps with women’s diseases and cure cystitis as well. We suggest a truly amazing and effective prescription Russian folk medicine for the treatment of kidney problems, which will help in cleaning the kidneys, secretion of mucus, and it will help in treating small kidney stones.

Recipe for removal of kidney stones


night, rinse 1 cup (200 grams) of millet in warm water. Then cover it, shake well, wrap it in something warm and leave overnight.

In the morning, shake it again. You will notice a white opaque liquid in a jar.

This becomes the only recourse.

pour the liquid from flask in another container. Drinking during the day whenever you want and how much I want at any time. Do not dispose of millet. Millet porridge Healthy Cooking and eating for breakfast (1 cup millet, 3 cups of water and cook for 15 minutes). At night, prepare a new portion for tomorrow using the same procedure. This should be consumed within 10-15 days.

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The result

After 10-15 days, the stone will melt and will exit through the urine and therefore the kidney stone will be free .

In this way heals inflammation and kidney tissues and organs of the urinary tract are restored. Millet grains are available for everyone.They’re low cost, which can be found mostly in all stores, but try to buy an organic food store.

With the addition of millet to your diet will contribute to the health of your kidneys.

prevention should be a key factor because your body will be able to avoid potential disease and is naturally clean.

a mixture of grapefruit and olive oil, which is used to clean the liver also stimulates the breakdown of stones, as in the gallbladder and kidneys and

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