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How to Remove Hair From The Face in a Natural Way: Epilation at Home!

This article will provide some methods for hair removal facial hair that have been used in medicine popular.

1.) Internal Resource for hair removal with sodium bicarbonate.

The importance of this form of hair removal is to do it at night before bed.

Put 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 200 ml of boiling water and let it cool.

Take a small piece of cotton or gauze, soak it in the mixture and place in the areas of the face where unwanted hair is. You can use bandage to secure it and leave it overnight. Remove the gauze in the morning and do not forget to apply nourishing cream.

repeat the procedure several days and you will notice the effects of mixed type of hair fall away.

How to Remove Hair From The Face in a Natural Way

2.) Remedy Pharmacy iodine popular ad for facial hair removal

For this procedure you need:

– 2 ml of iodine

– 1.5 ml of ammonia

– 40ml 96% alcohol

– 10 ml oil castor


Put all ingredients in the intestine and mix. Leave the mixture until it loses its color and becomes colorless. Apply the mixture of several days and will notice the reduction of unwanted hair on the face.

3.) The use of nettle oil to remove hair from the face

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This miraculous recipe It goes back in history and is known to be used even in the seventh century 17 .


. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons nettle seeds, vegetable oil 100 ml (you can use any of them to you to decide)

The preparation is very simple is enough to put nettles in vegetable oil, and keep well in warm place for 2 weeks. After this time elapses casting the mixture and store in a glass jar.

You will have to apply the mixture every night before bedtime. Soak a cotton ball in it and apply it in the particular area of ​​your face. keep it there for about an hour. At the end rinse your face with warm water and soap. Repeat the procedure until you get rid of unwanted hair in its entirety.

4.) Garlic for facial hair removal

This is the easiest for removing facial hair shape. You do not have to prepare anything, just squeeze garlic juice and apply it on your face several times a day. For best effect you will have to keep 30 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Do not let the unpleasant smell of garlic change his mind about trying this remedy, because it is really effective.

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All the above forms for facial hair removal are large, and no matter which one you choose you won`t make a mistake.

source: feelhealthylife.com

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