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How to Reduce the Size and Redness of Pimples

Imagine this – is the morning of the day when you have a big event to go to at night, and when you look in the mirror, the horror of is shins that spread across his face. In case you have a breakdown of the grains, and then not be tempted to blow them or crush hard as this may result in scarring (which is more difficult to remove). Do not lose your head at the moment, as there are ways to reduce the size and redness of the beans coming out of his face.

How to Reduce the Size and Redness of Pimples

Reduce redness, swelling, and size shins

If you have any aspirin lying around your house, can be used to reduce redness, swelling, and the size blackheads . Aspirin has other properties in addition to cleaning the head of a headache, because it can be used to clean grains as well. It can be used from 1 to 3 aspirins, but not go over 3. Also, make sure that is not swallowed a lot of aspirin without consulting a professional or be grouped crushed aspirin without consulting a specialist first.

Aside from using aspirin, can also apply a raw potato reduce swelling and grain size . With the use of raw potatoes, which can go on mitigating the occurrence of grains in the case that applies to the affected areas of the skin. Just make sure beforehand wipe your face before applying the paste, otherwise it will not work its magic as much. Speaking of cleaning, be sure to wash your hands when spreading the paste on the affected areas, especially when we are talking about your face.

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Another element that can be used in order to reduce the size and redness of pimples is tea tree oil. tea tree oil even works best when it was associated with benzoyl peroxide, when it comes to fighting acne. It can even be used to reduce swelling sores. Simply apply some tea tree oil on your shin (or grain) until it disappears.

The fight against the appearance of shins are best handled when solutions are made as soon as possible. What is even better than trying to treat the appearance of acne is to make sure that do not appear in the first place; After all, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, be sure to clean your face properly before sleeping at night, so do not have to shout in front of the mirror when the morning comes.

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