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How To Reduce The Cholesterol Without Drugs

Garlic has many useful properties, including anti-cancer properties. According to Tibetan tradition, garlic is the most important ingredient in ancient medicine. Helps in weight loss and body cleansing.
Garlic can speed up your metabolism. You can also fight the damage that free radicals cause to the body. This is how garlic can cure high cholesterol and other diseases.


When peeled, cut or crushed garlic, begins broadcasting a sharp odor. This is because glycosides. Glucosides are sulfur compounds that are the main components that contribute to the characteristics of this strong odor.
In 1892, according to some studies confirmed that garlic is composed of unsaturated sulfur compounds, as well as antibacterial chemical called allicin. A few years later, it was found that an additional compound, which had glass unscented needle-shaped. These crystals were called alliin. Although this compound has anti-bacterial properties scientists have found that by adding the enzyme for fresh garlic, its antibacterial action becomes improved.

Garlic consists of six phenyl-propanoids potent and powerful that have been isolated from their shell

In a more recent study, 50 patients with LDL cholesterol levels and 50 with normal cholesterol levels were given garlic for a period of two months. The results showed decreased cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. In addition, there was an increase of vitamins C and E. According to this study, it was confirmed that garlic has cardiovascular benefits as it helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

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People who experience excessive excretion of hydro-chloric acid may find it difficult to tolerate garlic.
However, this herb is very helpful in increasing the appetite, strengthening the body’s nervous system, the fight against infection, cure chronic bronchitis, and protection of the scalp against hair loss and dandruff.

There are also many other benefits of garlic that most people are unaware of. Here are some of these health benefits for your attention:

  • The fat deposits are removed from the body.
  • Decreases LDL and increases HDL cholesterol.
  • reduces triglycerides in the blood.
  • prevents the formation of blood clots.
  • purifies the liver and improve its function.
  • improves circulation.
  • strengthens the immune system and fights free radicals.



To prepare this ancient Tibetan healing, begin by filling a glass bottle with 1 liter of alcohol at 70 degrees, along with 350 grams of raw peeled and chopped garlic.
After that, close the lid tightly. Let him stay in the refrigerator for ten days. You must filter the liquid. The liquid should have a greenish color. This can be done with a cloth. When the liquid has leaked, you leave it in the refrigerator for three days before starting treatment. You should drink this liquid with a little water, twenty minutes before meals.

  • The first day, you should take a drop before breakfast, two drops before lunch and three drops before dinner.
  • From the second to the sixth day, you should increase the daily dose up to 15 drops before breakfast, before lunch 14 and 13 before dinner.
  • From the seventh to the tenth day, you will have to lower doses, reaching three drops before breakfast, two before lunch and before dinner.
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