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How To Reduce Stress and Sleep Well In Just Few Steps

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the known reflexology exits even before 4000 BC in China, where massages were used for the establishment of the state mental well-being and physical. Doctors had earlier acquired the knowledge of our internal events and how they are connected. Accordingly, they had discovered the particular points in our body that pressing them, they could normalize our circulation, purify the organs, and can also cure life-threatening diseases. There may be thousands of spots or contact points in our body.

What point reduces stress and gives better sleep?

The stain or particular point of contact, which relieves the body of stress, gives you better sleep and eases aches and cramps that occur regularly menstruation, called San Yin Jiao spot or SP6. This place is usually found at the end of the leg, four fingers above the ankle from the inside of her leg, just behind the shin.

First you have to warm up your hands in order to trigger this place. Pressed in San Yin Jiao site by using two or three fingers and gently massaged. A few minutes later, the movements may be more difficult, but slow.

What makes your mental and physical state?

has been mentioned before that kind of result has this massage, but it also has other surprising effects. From inside our body connection and blood vessels that go through this particular point, the constant massage refines the skin elasticity. Massaging this point improves spleen right job and that is the reason why your skin looks better.

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This organ is responsible for providing and removing blood cells, and when this place is rubbed and active, the organ exchange quickly blood cells in the body. The function of these cells in the blood is to guide oxygen, nutrients and nutrients to all parts of your body.

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smooth skin

Exactly! You will look quite different! Maybe not very noticeable differences but will certainly feels much better, your sleep will be calmer, glowing skin and no more stress that will leave a good impression on yourself and others. That confused because they’ll think you’ve had a week off, but really everything I was doing at the same time.

is very interesting that this massage establish a normal condition of your hormones and increase your libido. Use it with care! You can also help stimulate the function of the ovaries and uterus if you want to have the baby.

For best results, massage this place 10 min. per day overnight.

What is the use?

There are many other places in our body. Interested in finding them? We give 3 points that reduce headaches and migraines and are easy to find. In addition, we give additional information about the usual 6 to massage 6 common conditions such as spinal pain, seasonal diseases, and digestive problems places. The latest information is about 6 points for massage ear that enhance the role and status of your head, heart, throat, and etc!

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If you have finished reading, finding the points and start massaging! And a little advice – enjoy it more if someone is doing massage, to obtain a business and making switches

The how to reduce stress and sleep well in a few steps ! It first appeared in Healthy Life Concept .

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