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How To Reduce Breast Pain During Pregnancy?

Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Before enjoying the sweet moments of becoming a mother and enjoy your child’s first breath, there are definitely some sweet pain that, as a mother to-be, may have to undergo. She made sure know that it is not just one who submits to this, but all mothers out there who are feeding your baby in the womb is facing similar high and low as you are!

Why breast pain during pregnancy? Breast pain is, in fact, one of the earliest indicators and possible pregnancy is not abnormal. It usually occurs during the menstrual cycle for some women, but a prominent role in the first three months during pregnancy place is observed. During this phase, breasts and be swollen, painful, pain or tenderness. Usually, it starts from the fifth to the sixth week of pregnancy, but it is relieving to know that most women who are expecting a baby note that chest pain decreases or disappears almost in the last half of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a delicate matter. Consult physicians confidence in Lybrate.

Of course, the type of body varies in women! Some are experiencing chest pain continues, as long as they are carrying their baby, while others almost do not experience any pain at all. In this article, we present some of the most common reasons that pregnant women experience chest pain during pregnancy.

4 most common reasons for chest pain in pregnancy

1. Changes are fibrocystic breasts:

This is seen as the most common cause of chest pain during pregnancy. In fibrocystic changes, small cysts form in the fibrous tissue of the breast, they fill with fluid and swell, and lead to pain.

2. The imbalance in hormone levels

During pregnancy, it is very natural that the body prepares to undergo many stages of development of a baby. This results in a rapid change in various hormone levels, particularly an imbalance in estrogen levels results in mainly breast pain.

3. Leaking Breasts:

One of the most common complaints of many pregnant women is that their breasts leak and this is seen especially in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. breast leaks usually are because your breasts begin to produce in reality colostrum . This is a thick liquid that feeds her newborn in the first couple of days, before their breasts actually start producing baby milk.

This fluid is secreted from the breast because a massage or even state of sexual arousal and is a major cause of chest pain, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Using a nursing pillow is a very good remedy for this problem.

4. Changes within

The most important function of your breasts is to feed your baby after birth. For this reason, your breasts will gradually prepare for your body during pregnancy period. During pregnancy, cells producing milk and milk ducts are formed. This eventually causes an increase in the size of their breasts. It can be frightening to know that more and more layers of fat begin to accumulate beneath her breasts as you go on your stage of pregnancy. Because of this, it will be a very visible both in the size and shape of your breasts change.

Surprisingly, her breasts continue this growth process to about a cup size in the first three months of maternity. These factors combined ultimately cause chest pain.

How to reduce chest pain?

Now we’ve seen the different reasons and causes for breast pain, let’s see how this pain can actually be addressed! Here are some simple ways to help:

Pregnancy is a delicate matter. Consult physicians confidence in Lybrate.

1. During your pregnancy, be sure to carefully choose their undergarments, especially her bra to ensure that support your breasts properly. Keep track of your breast size, as you can see significant changes and thus obtain a new bra every time you feel the need. Some people even use more than one bra, if they think that one is not enough. It all depends on how comfortable you feel. If you avoid wearing a bra, be ready to face the worst pain that ultimately affects your breast shape too!

2. If your breasts are too heavy or bulky, try to use a sport or padded bra. Usually they are more convenient and comfortable for women with heavy breasts during pregnancy.

3. Believe it or not, the short cut salt intake greatly helps reduce breast pain. This is because the salt retains water, owing to which their breasts become heavier resulting in acute pain.

4. Water is another soothing option. Do not drink lots of water throughout the pregnancy period. It not only helps in flushing excess fluids waste, but also makes you feel lighter and fresher.

5. Generally, women tend to have a lot of bed rest during and after pregnancy, but the magic is the active part! It is very important to stay physically active in small things. They may be walking for about half an hour daily, doing some light housework, etc. This will keep you active for giving a good blood circulation and make you feel lighter.

6. Sometimes the pain may be too intense that none of the above precautions can provide relief; in this case, consult your doctor for other remedial measures. It is very important to avoid self-medication in order to avoid complications.

7. pads ice or heating pads provide comfort to some women. Before using continuously try to see what suits you best!

8. Exercises like yoga and meditation is said to keep the mind and body calm and relaxed. This eventually will help you tolerate breast pain during pregnancy.

Although chest pain during pregnancy is embarrassing, uncomfortable and painful, you should realize that it is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. It is good practice to keep consulting your gynecologist just to make sure that there are no complications associated with this pregnancy symptom. Good luck!

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