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How to Prevent Stroke and Save Someone’s Life Only with One Needle

Did you know that stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States? Or that more than 140,000 people die each year from the consequences associated with stroke? The numbers are really daunting and scary.

Emergency services reported that the most important when someone is having a stroke is the first emergency aid. It is crucial and can save the life to be calm and know how to react in these cases. It is never easy to see someone suffer pain, but if you know what to do and can help save your life. And when you hear that a simple thing like a needle can save the life of someone you wish you’ve read this before. Take your time and read this article you never know when a person’s life may depend on you.

How to prevent stroke and save the life of someone with a needle

all have a needle in your home and you know it can be a very useful tool in many situations. But he does not know it is that a needle can save your life or someone else in case of a stroke. We are here to show how to prevent stroke.

As mentioned above, if you are in a situation of this type must remember first to stay EMERGENCY SERVICES calm and ask! Never move the person, as it may cause bursting of capillaries and bleeding in the brain and quickly grab a needle, a sewing needle regularly.

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The first thing to do is heat it up using a cigarette lighter in order to disinfect and sterilize. No medical knowledge is required to do this, everyone can do it. Take the hand of the person and the use of needles for piercing 10 caps fingers, nails as close as possible and as quickly as possible. Wait until the blood starts to flow, and if you do not see blood squeeze your fingers to make it start. When the blood starts to flow from all the fingers of the person will regain consciousness.

After this you need to massage the ears of the person to carry blood back into them until they turn red. Red when removing the needle back and drill the soft earlobe and wait for the blood begins to flow. Once the start of the blood, you can see the mouth back in a normal position.

You can wait a while until it is fully conscious and then take him to the emergency room immediately. Caregivers will take it from there.

This is the right way to react if any case see someone having a stroke. It is 100% rescue and will ensure that the person who suffered a stroke have no brain damaging consequences.

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Remember this technique of how to prevent strokes and share it with your loved ones, because it could save your life or someone else!

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