Many people around the world are having problems with their eyes. And if you are one of them, then you’re probably tired of going to your eye doctor and having to spend much money on fashion glasses, right?

Have you ever noticed that doctors who prescribe new glasses every year? And you’re really crazy, because – his view theory should have improved, but did not. And this is the main reason why we all buy expensive glasses that should improve your vision, right?

However, this is real and ugly truth – unfortunately, the glasses can only help you see better, but will not improve your vision. And you should also know that your vision will worsen if we do not deal with the root problem.

However, do not worry, because we have the right answer for you. In this article we will show how to use this powerful ingredient to save and restore sight. The name of this miracle ingredient is saffron. Yes, many experts around the world think that saffron is one of the easiest way to improve your eyesight naturally.

Saffron might save his sight

First, you should know that saffron may slow the progression of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, which causes blindness. Let me ask you a simple question – have you ever heard of saffron? Collection by saffron stamens dark red spice saffron is worth up to $ 800 per pound depending on its quality. It is used in a variety of applications, including as a food flavoring, a coloring agent, and a treatment for the disease. About 90 diseases, and counting, can be treated with saffron.

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What is saffron? Well, saffron is a spice that contains the carotenoid crocin and crocetin antioxidants among other ingredients, with strong antioxidant, cell and neuro-protective properties. Crocin saffron has stronger than alpha-tocopherol antioxidant activity, and can prevent the formation of peroxidized lipids, and can partially restore activity superoxide dismutase (SOD).

The health benefits of saffron are shown to be due to these two carotenoids.

Note: A recent study has found that taking oral supplements saffron (20 mg daily) for three months in patients with early-stage macular degeneration related to age (AMD) or DMAE) induced a significant improvement of the retina function and visual acuity.

The famous Professor Silvia Bisti that conducts research in patients with macular degeneration related to age, “the vision of patients improved after taking the saffron pill”. This has created a hope that saffron may be the natural response to stop or delay vision loss from macular degeneration. In the study of the eye, patients with macular degeneration who consumed a diet containing saffron began to experience cell recovery, which resulted in improved vision.

Professor Silvia Bisti, lead researcher of the study, said:

“Saffron seems to affect genes which regulate the fatty acid content of the cell membrane, and this makes cells resistant harder and vision. “.

How much saffron is recommended? We can get it in our diet or supplementation is necessary?

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Well, medical experts say you should follow these instructions: benefits for eye health, take 20 mg of high quality saffron per day. Yes, one can have similar amount of saffron is added to food or prepared as a tea. We really hope you find this article useful and do not forget to share with your friends and family. Thank you.

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