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How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

How to Overcome Stress and anxiety

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling of discomfort, which affects their physical and mental health. This leads to psychological problems such as declining confidence and positivity of his mind. There are also a number of physical health problems, which arise due to stress. Stress often triggers a switch in the brain, which increases heart rate and respiration and blood pressure. This is called a “fight or flight response”.

There are mainly two types of stress:

1. Chronicle
2. Acute

Chronic stress is the one in the course of a long period of time, while acute stress occurs immediately, but is less demanding.

Causes of stress

What are the main causes of stress? Well, the truth is that stress can be caused by anything and everything. But the main causes that are common to all people in difficulty are:

1. Long working hours

In the age of reduction and increasing performance targets, the number of working hours also increase. This increased workload is the leading cause of stress and stress-related ailments. On the other hand, it affects the employee’s family and other relationships. People are not able to get out of this situation and feel stressed all the time, even after arriving home. Many people also take their work home. This causes sleep deprivation and this-programming more leads to loss of quality time with the family. This results in a conflict, resulting in more stress.

2. The pressure to meet deadlines

overwork and long working hours are generally an attempt to meet deadlines, set by the employer. The pressure increases exponentially as deadlines approach more. Often stress is the result of poor planning or poor implementation of well-established plans. This gives rise to the fear of not being able to complete the work before the deadline or delivering his soul to his boss awful ax-wielding.

3. Lack of sleep or rest

Be it work or play, often many of us tend to disregard the time reserved for the dream. An adult requires an average of 7-9 hours of sleep to cope with the stresses of life in the next day. Lack of sleep affects your mental well-being, performance and efficiency in a dreadful manner.

4. Fear of failure

Most people who can not succeed in life have a common problem – “Fear of failure. “If you do not feel brings disappointment, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, sadness and regret. Those who have the fear of failure can not adequately manage their feelings of shame, especially not sit well with his ego. His alienation of these feelings produces fear, which is always accompanied by more tension.

5. Disease

constant battle with extreme health disorders and acute disease is also a major cause of stress. This constant struggle for survival positive energy drained out of the body and replaces it with negative thoughts and behavior patterns that lead to depression.

6. Financial Problem

How to Overcome Stress

The main cause of stress in more than half of those affected by the stress is related to financing problems. Mortgages, liens, bills, unemployment, bankruptcy, high debt and poverty are the demons that attack the mind and filled with her overwhelming amounts of stress. This leads to anxiety and unhealthy patterns of coping as drinking and smoking, which raise levels of additional stress.

stress and anxiety leads to:

1. Heart attacks:

How to Overcome Stress - heart attck

Too much stress leads to a high risk of heart disease. Stress increases blood flow and heart rate, accompanied by the release of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream. They are necessary for the production of more energy to cope with stress and depression. sudden stress in the case of people with a history of heart problems and cholesterol becomes a trigger for heart stroke or heart attack factor. While in other cases, unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drinking and smoking increase the risk of heart attacks. This shows that stress, either through direct or indirect means, is a major cause of concern for people.

2. Cognitive problems

How to Overcome Stress - Cognitive issues

Stress in excessive amounts leads to negative patterns of thought and behavior, that if remain unchecked can lead to mental imbalance. Anxiety and stress can also cause insomnia and lack of sleep that tends to make your mind feels like it is overworked and nervous. Chronic stress can cause changes in the brain that result in long-term damage. The short-term memory and working memory brain are greatly affected as stress conscious it requires constant attention. Furthermore, it is found that can aggravate Alzheimer to cause injury to appear faster.

3. The emotional imbalance

How to Overcome Stress Emotional

Anyone under stress has a misperception of reality, which means that he / it consistently passes through a wide range of negative emotions. This affects their ability to streamline and standardize their negative feelings and thoughts. The whole cocktail of emotions and feelings in our emotional brain numbed accompanied by the release of hormones in the brain. This release of chemicals further affects how we feel, think and act. It is a “two-lane road.” Thoughts and feelings affect brain chemistry and the chemical composition affects thought patterns. Therefore, if the thought is negative, the hormones are released stress hormones and the release of stress hormones starts more negative thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it is leading to an emotional imbalance.

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4. Blood pressure problems


Stress increases heart rate while cholesterol release and triglycerides in the bloodstream to meet the increased pressure blood body. These actions are performed after stress causes a switch to blow in the brain that releases adrenaline and dampens pain. This condition is called “fight or flight”. This causes unusual peaks in blood pressure.

5. Cardiovascular diseases How to Overcome Stress - Cardivocular stress

High levels of cortisol stress hormones “-” also increase the risk of heart-related problems. Chronic stress as verified by scientists for a long time leads to coronary heart disease (CHD). Employees with work-related stress and socially isolated or lonely people have a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Research shows that a specific stress syndrome called “transient apical left ventricular cardiomyopathy balloon” or “stress cardiomyopathy (takotsubo)” also exists.

6. The instant death from heart attack

How to Overcome Stress - Instant Death

Death from stroke usually occurs when a artery is blocked and blood can not reach the brain tissues. If you are stressed, you are at high risk of instant death from heart attack. All bad habits to combat stress – smoking, drinking, diabetes, poor diet, high cholesterol and hypertension -. Lead to such a tragic end

7. Risk of infertility

How to Overcome Stress - infertility

Stress also increases the risk of infertility. Stress increases the amount of cortisol (stress hormone), which in turn lowers the sex hormone GnRH main body. This decreases the amount of sperm, suppresses ovulation and sexual activity. Chronic stress can cause lack of libido and decreased fertility in general. This has become a common disorder today. It is called stress-induced reproductive dysfunction.

How to overcome stress

If until now the stress has gotten the best of you, it is time for a change. The first point on how to manage stress is “out of the routine” – change your routine, go for a walk, to sleep well at night, exercise, meditation or yoga. Here are some other ways to manage stress.

1. Music

How to Overcome Stress by  music

The soothing power of music is well known. Listening to slow music and calm has shown impressive results in eliminating stress. Classical music helps lower blood pressure and heart rate of the body. It also lowers levels of stress hormones in the body. The extraordinary benefits of music include – increase self-esteem, reducing chronic stress, improving mood and improve the quality of life in general. It has been found to be extremely effective for office workers who spend time in office. Music soothes anxiety of deadlines approach avoids the risk of exhaustion and also helps induce sleep great after a hard day’s work.

2. Yoga

How to Overcome Stress by yoga

Most people think they are not “yoga” type; or who can not stand on one leg and meditating. But the emphasis of yoga for stress is not so popular. Yoga has significant benefits in the treatment of physical and mental problems. Breathing exercises and asanas and meditation help the body cope with stress hormones. In addition, heart rate and blood pressure is reduced while reducing anxiety and helps the body with sleep disorders. It is one of the most beneficial forms in the list of ways to overcome stress.

3. Laughter

How to Overcome Stress by laughing

Nothing can repel stress as effectively as a laugh. Laughter, like stress leads to the release of hormones in the brain. However, these chemicals are called “endorphins” and are very different. They are feel good hormones in the body. Instigate a feeling of wellbeing and relieve pain temporarily. A good laugh can improve mood and body immunity. Also improves the function of blood vessels that in turn, help protect against cardiovascular disease. How to deal with stress at work? Well, enjoying jokes with coworkers is a great way to make everyone feel lighter on the head.

4. Sex

How to Overcome Stress by stress

Sex is serving in both physical and psychological fronts. People who have a healthy sex life, tend to have lower basal blood pressure or lower increase in blood pressure during stressful situations. It helps improve mood, reduce anxiety and trigger the release of endorphins which reduces stress levels in the body. So, next time a friend asks for advice on how to handle stress? Tell them that it may be time for them to spice up your sex life.

5. Holiday / Take a Break

How to Overcome Stress - holiday

Are you depressed? He wonders about ways to relieve stress? How to handle stress? Well, take a break, go on vacation! A journey that helps disconnect yourself from your stressful being. Go for an adventure, live little and let go. A holiday helps reduce stress at work, improve your mood and also avoids the risk of exhaustion. If the stress comes from a financial cause, there is no need to splurge on this trip, but be sure to take a break.

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6. Foods lifting mood (endorphin release and stress busting)

How to Overcome Stress - fruits

If you work for long hours at the office and often wonder how to deal with stress at work or, how to deal with stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Then this response could be positively surprising – Coma. When the body is under stress, nutrients at a much faster pace burns. Selective foods contain nutrients that fend off stress hormones and release endorphins and antioxidants to provide stress relief. Vitamin B2 and B12, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and antioxidant-rich foods help eliminate stress.

  • Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits orange and low blood pressure and cortisol.
  • Asparagus is high in folic acid that enhances the mood.
  • Spinach contains magnesium, which regulates the levels of cortisol.
  • Milk contains vitamin B2, B12, potassium, antioxidants and Lactium, which lowers blood pressure.
  • Potassium helps relieve muscle spasms when you’re tense.
  • Turkey and banana contain amino acids that causes the release of serotonin, a feel good hormone.
  • Oatmeal also receives serotonin flowing in the body.

Therefore, eating a healthy diet along with stress busting and mood enhancing food should be at the top of their list of priorities on how to overcome stress.

7. Exercise

How to Overcome Stress - exercises

Another great benefit of exercise is the bid farewell to stress and anxiety. Channeled energy and negative thoughts into useful fuel, plus it gives you a fit and healthy body. Exercise also helps in regulating breathing and blood pressure. The human body is not designed to sit in an office all day. If your schedule is so demanding that there is no place for proper training or just do not like to exercise, walking or running in the park can do wonders in the fight against stress and depression. And if even that is too much for you, basic deep breathing exercises are also a suitable solution for the lazy.

8. Work Management (Programming)

How to Overcome Stress with work

As previously indicated, the leading cause of work-related stress it is poor planning and execution. Make a schedule, which must be realistic. Fill the time with stress busting activities such as music, exercise or eating foods rich endorphin. This will help you manage your work in a less stressful and more feasible way.

9. Massage

How to Overcome Stress by massage

Massage therapy is a treatment in which the masseuse works on the muscles of the body to reduce and provide pain relief. By applying force on pressure points, you may notice decreased physical stress of the muscles of the body. Although massage therapy can be expensive, but the physical and psychological effects overcome their expensive nature considerably. If you are constantly stressed both in mind and body due to a rigorous work schedule, rest yourself by getting a massage. Massage, used in a routine or otherwise, sporadically they help cope with the stresses of life and are a great way to overcome stress and anxiety.

10. Using Electronic / Gadgets wisely

The latest solution how to deal with stress and anxiety, are using appliances and electronics wisely. Passing hours in front of a computer or playing games on your smart phone is also a reason behind stress. But if used in a shape function, electronics and appliances efficiently controlled to reduce stress. Massagers and tinglers are very beneficial in reducing stress levels and improve efficiency and productivity.

Combating stress and depression!

As Shantideva said: “If the problem can be solved by worry, if the problem can not be solved, worrying will do you no good.”

Stress is the greatest enemy of creativity and productivity. Research has shown that stress has a negative effect in 60% of the population, while other people thrive when under pressure. In today’s world, where there is fierce competition in all areas of life, there are millions of causes of stress.

constantly maneuver their way around stressful situations and thoughts 24 * 7, 365 days a year. We find the stress of all aspects of our life, whether physical, emotional, financial or psychological.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who like to overdo negative feelings, as for introspection in retrospect or are depressed with their finances, work, family, health or just had a bad day, the above ways to relieve stress are not only soothing but even therapeutic against stress. Many of them are also inexpensive and can be done without anything but a positive train of thought that requires the awareness that one is under stress and would like to do something about it.

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