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How to Measure Your Pulse When You Are Upset?

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the heart is a muscle and pulse rate is a measure of the number of contractions and dilation of the heart 1 minute.

Many believe that the speed of the heartbeat and pulse rate are same function. However, these two are technically different since heart rate measured heart contractions, while the pulse measures the speed accelerating blood pressure throughout the body. For those who have some special health conditions or heart, his heart could not deflate the necessary amount of blood with each contraction and then pulse rate would be lower than the heart. But this is an exception.

The pulse can be measured above the heart, the same as with the stethoscope while the patient is lying on his left side. The normal pulse for an adult in this position would normally be 60-100 heartbeats. This pulse is considered to be the most accurate by physicians. The normal speed of a well rested is 60-100 heart beats in 1 min. Women have slightly accelerated pulse because the heart muscle men is much tighter.

The heart rate can be affected by many factors such as age, body height, physical activity, heart disease, if you are setting or meditate and even the air temperature can also affect. Usually, people who are more physically active have lower pulse, about 40 and less beats in a minute.

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There are two common arteries to measure the pulse. The first is the radial artery, which is the main artery of the lateral aspect of the forearm and is near the thumb. The second is the carotid artery in the neck placed between the trachea and the neck muscle. The pulse can also be measured in the femoral artery located in the groin or pedal pulses in the foot.

Experts say that you should put your finger tip in one of these arteries and to count the pulses in a minute. It can also be measured for 15 s. and multiply with 4, but measuring the pulse at 60 sec. or 1 min is the most accurate.

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