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How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Command?

How to make yourself sneeze command when you can not? It often happens that we want to sneeze but could not. Sometimes, a sneeze is just stuck in the tip of the nose. Sneezing can be activated. Sneezing is a natural process, but you may want to sneeze sneezing tickling some points. Sneeze purpose is to get rid of unwanted substances nose. Each person has a different sensitivity according to how an individual responds to different irritants. Follow these easy to make you sneeze steps:

How to Make Yourself Sneeze

best ways to make yourself sneeze:

1. Start your nose hair

This is the easiest way to sneeze. Try to pluck hair from the nose to cause a sneeze. Start a hair inside the nose with tweezers. It may hurt if more hair at a time are started. You will sneeze quickly as soon as you pull the hair out with great force.

2. Get sneeze by tickling the nose

Tickle nose using a small tissue. Put it on your nose and wrap the fabric to make it a little tickle. Sneezing comes up will tingle.

3. Wiggle roof of the mouth

Move your tongue to tickle the roof of the mouth. This helps make yourself sneeze with a quick movement of the soft tissue with your tongue.

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4. Pull eyebrows

Start a little hair of the eyebrows to trigger sneezing. A sneeze can be stimulated by pulling hair to activate muscles. You can scratch the eyebrows to be sneezing.

5. Having soft drinks

Try soft drinks and cold drinks, soda or lemonade to make you sneeze. strong bubbly drink sometimes trigger sneezing.

6. Some try Spice

Sniff spices to trigger a sneeze. Take cumin or coriander powder on a piece of paper. Inhale slowly spices. Do not let a lot of spices enter your nose, as it can cause a burning sensation.

7. Test sneezing powder

You can get easily sneezing powders stores or you can shop online. sneezing powder and is made of the few spices combined together. Read the instructions carefully and use, as it may contain some poisonous substances.

8. I try to pretend sneeze

You can get to pretend sneeze sneezing. Since it can sometimes result in real sneeze. false sneezing sometimes causes the muscles. It has amazing results.

9. Go out and look at Sun suddenly

Some people sneeze as soon as they come out in the sun. Looking a little bright light can trigger muscles and stimulate sneezing. You may if you sneeze continuously photic sneeze reflex. Many individuals are “Sun sneezers” with a count of 17% to 35%.

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10. Breathing cold air or cold water

effective way to activate sneezing is snorting a little water or take a deep breath cold air. Try inhaling cold air suddenly from the outside or from the freezer. Another way is to gently inhale water with his nose. When the water hits the nose that triggers sneezing muscles. Not inhale a large amount of water at a time.

Other useful tips to get sneeze :.

  • Use a feather to tickle the nose
  • Try to take your head back.
  • Never leave a sneeze in the middle, as it can damage your ears or blood vessels.
  • Try false sneezing continuously until the actual sneeze coming.
  • breathe slowly, as it can lead to sneezing.
  • Try to have strong mint gum.
  • Keep a tissue handy every time he sneezes and no germs are spread through and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Cut onion may also lead to sneezing.
  • Put your hand in a little cold metal. This can cause sneezing.
  • Do not use sharp instruments to boot the nose, as it can cause damage.
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