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How to Make Your Skin Lighter in Urdu

Lemon and other citrus juices may cause irritation or burns, and it should only be used carefully. Do not apply lemon juice on the face and leave in the sun. Wash all juices out quickly, and before going outside.
Try the fresh lemon juice. Cut a lemon in half, using only half and save the other. Be sure to put half unused in a cool area, such as the refrigerator. Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl. Making small but deep holes in the lemon half with a knife.This will make it easier to squeeze the juice out of it.
Use a cotton ball to absorb the lemon juice, rub lemon juice on the area you want to lighten. This could be your face, neck, or anywhere else you want to lighten. Avoid lemon juice in the eyes
Leave for about 15 -. 20 minutes before washing. . Use warm water to rinse, and always apply moisturizer after mixing lemon juice
repeat this 2 to 3 times a week. Applying more than once a day is recommended not.
If you feel that lemon juice is too hard on your skin, try diluting to half strength with water before applying.
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