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How to Make Your Lips Smaller and Thinner Naturally

Having lips is the dream of every woman. A smile that comes from healthy and optimistic lips promote the attractiveness of the overall beauty of a woman. It’s no wonder that many women try to have beautiful lips and attractive to withstand daily appearance and improve their self-image.

The lips are considered a sign of beauty of a person. Lips chapped and blackened indicates that there is something wrong with the body, and can reduce the attractiveness of a person. Conversely, a pair of healthy lips reflected in good shape and a healthy body.

Furthermore, the shape of the lips also determines the appearance of a woman. Many people argue that the lips appear more attractive when the shape of the larger and thicker. Actually, it is not always entirely true as some people may have a problem with larger lips.

They found that the labia majora tend to be fat and unattractive. Therefore, they try to make your lips smaller and thinner so the size of their lips seemed ideal.

Not everyone awarded the finer and smaller lips, even many of them had to deal with bigger and fuller lips. However, regardless of the size of the lips, which provides basic treatment for the lips look more attractive and appealing is a necessity. Here we collect some basic tips for lips.

1. Maintain cleanliness lips

Many experts said that maintaining cleanliness of the lips is an excellent way to get thinner and smaller lips. When you are busy with various activities that require an attractive look, forget important things to pay attention to your lips.

Dirt, dead cells, and residual makeup can build on his lips, which ultimately lead to the dark and chapped lips. His lips may be swollen, and despite the dark lips look smaller; dark, dirty and cracked lips remain unattractive to the eye.

Take a small amount of aloe vera lotion or lemon juice and apply on the lips thoroughly, repeat at least once or twice a week. You can also apply the lip exfoliant to remove dead cells and impurities accumulate on the surface of the lips. This regimen can help prevent infection and keep the thickness of the lips.

2. Apply moisturizing lip

Maintaining moisture on the lips is essential to make lips look smaller, softer and smoother. Over time, environmental changes can affect the moisture of the skin, including lips.

Once forgets to provide sufficient moisture for the lips, is vulnerable to drought which resulted lips look bigger and plumper. Moisturize lips occasionally, it is something not to be missed for those who want to have thinner and smaller lips.

Fortunately, today is not too difficult to achieve this goal, there are many lotions specifically for lips are available, which can be used on a regular basis. Be sure to choose a unique quality, or you can take the benefits of honey as a moisturizing agent on the lips.

3. Perform Lip Treatment Injuries

Have you ever noticed how your lips have gone through a lot of time in time or ever thought about how to treat lips? His lips is a delicate organ that is prone to injury, especially if often the treatment for lips are neglected.

Your lips are prone to cracked, swollen and appear larger. Moreover, the habit of biting her lips, her lips could worsen leading to permanent damage. If you suffer an injury on the lips, whether as a result of a stroke or other bad habits, take treatment immediately to alleviate the injury on the lips.

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Take some ice cubes and rub the area swelling of the lips to prevent inflammation. If the hematoma is severe, see your doctor at any time.

Using makeup to make your lips smaller

If you have bigger and fuller lips, there is nothing you can do to make your lips smaller. Unless, you want to harness the power of makeup to disguise the condition of the lips to make it look smaller. In this case, not only lips look smaller, but can have a charming and attractive.

1. Lips camouflage

You can use the overall color of the skin to get the labia minora; that’s why you need to mask the color of the skin around the lips before moving forward. You can get a foundation that adapts to skin tone identification necessary to darken the edges of his lips.

election uncertainty, which leads to other problems if you are not sure with your choice, the only solution is to consult an expert. They know how to provide specific color tones needed to prevent people from seeing your lip lines, which aims to make your lips look smaller.

Just apply a little foundation with the help of a cosmetic sponge and let it dry completely before applying the complementary makeup on the lips.

2. Concealing lips

When perfectly dry foundation is observed, it is time to use the “invisibility cloak” in the area around the lips. It may seem luxurious at first, in fact, have only the excellence of a “Lip Corrector” to hide his lips naturally.

You can get a concealer lip in your store makeup accessories; However, it is necessary to identify skin tones before you decide to take the checker.

apply concealer on the top line of the upper lip and the lower edge of the lower lip in the same way. Take a distance of approximately one millimeter within each edge lip.

now he needs a narrow sponge, soft cotton to blend concealer on the skin out. Otherwise, just use your finger and apply forth motion to flatten the corrector. The Corrector will become an integral part of the original formation of the lips and make your lips smaller with time.

3. Liner lips alternative

Not everyone enjoys concealer that covers your lips, therefore, using a lip liner instead, is another good choice for thinner and smaller lips.

Consider having a pale or neutral color for this purpose, although it can apply a darker shade of skin color, a very dark color can create the illusion of larger lips. Define a millimeter lines of the original lips and apply a lip liner evenly and avoid making it look obvious.

4. Win a lot of colors

Another effective way to create the illusion of smaller lips is by applying more colors for lips. It can be achieved by extending a set of colors of lipstick.

Selecting the right color lipstick is always a great help, takes a lighter color like pink or brown. Otherwise, you can also apply colors “off” such as purple and bronze. Lipstick with creamy texture necessary for this purpose, because it acts as a finish.

Never take a lip gloss or lipstick color looks bright as it can give the effect of fuller and bigger lips. However, if you insist on wearing lip gloss, simply apply it in the middle of the lips instead of the full lips.

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Lips performing exercises

Despite the effectiveness of exercises in the manufacture lips of the labia minora still being debated, many people report that is quite useful.

You may want to try some exercises for lips that are believed to help make smaller lips, as the placement of the bottom lip at the top of the lips while providing a wide smile and avoid upper lip separated from the lower lip, or draw a big smile while forcing the corners of the mouth down.

can also use a tongue twister in place. Repeat this procedure 10 times a day, but you probably can not notice significant results within a few months, only patience is required.

Cosmetic surgery lip finest

If it is found that the results are not satisfactory, then the last option is to start a cosmetic surgery procedure to get the labia minora. It presents itself as an attractive option at first, however, as all other procedures, which has its own risks, which may have to also consider.

A few side effects that may occur are the onset of infection, as you know, the tissue around the mouth is actually prone to infection; therefore, the infection can occur during surgery took place.

In addition, swelling, bleeding, and can occur during post-surgery, even if more severe bruising, scar tissue may appear larger than the previous surgery. Consult all clear with your doctor, so you are completely satisfied and firmly to undergo cosmetic surgery. Do not forget to post-operative treatment for recovery.

Download More tips for smaller lips

Once you know different ways to reduce the size of the lips, it’s time to explore some important tips to get the labia minora, in other words, the following description is a summary to make your lips smaller.

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. The hydrated body provides a significant impact on overall health, helps prevent dry skin, including lips that cause the labia majora and cracked. Take at least six to eight glasses of fresh water a day to keep the skin moisture.

  3. Apply Lip Moisturizer
  4. The hydration of the lips is essential to prevent lips from dryness, apply a natural remedy like honey, or a moisturizer that can be obtained from a beauty salon.

  5. Lips Cleaner
  6. Applying lip cleaning at least once a week, to reduce the accumulation of dirt and dead cells on the lips.

  7. treat lesions lips
  8. Leaving lips untreated injuries is a reckless action. Apply more favorable treatment on the lips of injury once you have it, and avoid biting the lips continuously.

  9. Avoid lip gloss
  10. Lipgloss and the like that can give greater effect of the lips, so should be avoided if not necessary. Unless you insist, apply lip gloss only in the middle of the lips.

  11. right makeup Lips
  12. Apply a lip liner or lip concealer to get the effect of the labia minora, and do not forget to choose a lipstick soft texture and a clear color.

Now you know how to make the labia minora, which succinctly is that you have to perform regular care on her lips. Cleaning, moisture, and apply the right makeup is the key to creating a healthy and smaller mouth.

The last option is to undergo cosmetic surgery, although the results are permanent, some side effects post-surgery is accompanied. You have to do extensive research, interviewing his specialist doctor before deciding on the operation.

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