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How to make your child eat healthy

How to make your child eat healthy

Studies have shown that children who have a healthy weight tend to be more fit and have a better learning ability. But of course, you need to consult a doctor and see what might be an ideal weight for your child. Generally speaking, encouraging your child to develop healthy eating habits can go a long way in him or her suitable for life maintenance. That’s how

Control portions :. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the best portions of food. He or small portions and further portions can give if he / she asks. Do not force them to eat more than they should

Fruits and Vegetables :. Needless to say, you need to give your child a lot of fruits and vegetables that are a rich source of calcium, minerals and vitamins. How many servings of fruit a day you should go? Well, it is advisable to let a doctor decides after checking the requirements of your child’s health

judiciously fat / protein :. Do not go overboard with protein. Go easy, according to the health needs of your child. In addition, fat is not always bad. You can go for healthy fats such as unsaturated oils, avocado, etc.

Be an example: You as a parent must give the example. So eat healthy and exercise regularly so that your child can also pick up healthy habits
Cut down on eating out :. Do not encourage your child to binge on fatty burgers, fries and pizza in restaurant food. Do not make them snack on donuts or pastries all the time. Help them develop a taste for healthy foods.

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