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How to Make Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

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since I was little, I liked the only bottles and glass bottles. I remember asking my mother if I could save some of our old bottles and jars so I could make crafts with them or use them for storing small toys.

Now, as an adult, I Plastic Avoid as much as possible and use glass, steel or wood instead. I love that when Making tinctures and natural remedies, which can be saved and reused glass jars.

My closet natural remedies resembles a vintage apothecary with a collection of unique and recycled jars and bottles.

How upcycle wine bottles in Tiki torches

In recent years, it has become more difficult for my husband and I for a getaway date nights (for children), so our go-to date it is to share a bottle of wine on the patio once the kids go to bed. This has left us with a number of beautiful wine bottles in recent years.

The only disadvantage of our dates patio drinking wine this summer has been the clouds of mosquitoes that like to join us.

Thanks to magic Pinterest [, I’ve come up with some great ways to upcycle and reuse old bottles of wine, and one of my favorites is making these tiki torches wine bottle DIY .

why Tiki torches:

where we live, this summer has (not so) affectionately become known as the mosquitopocalype due to clouds of mosquitoes literal. We’ve been using my homemade insect repellent in abundance, but swimming is difficult to maintain enough insect repellent to keep blood-sucking bastards mosquitoes at bay.

I started looking for some torches for use in our yard, but the only options in our local store were:

  1. Really nice torches metal that cost more than $ 20 each
  2. cheaper the bamboo that our puppy probably confused with your funny bone and chew the first day

I started researching how to make torches by reusing wine bottles and glass found a simple all-in-one option. We have a number of these in our yard now, and not only help with the mosquitoes, but they add a nice sense of decoration as well!

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bottle of wine Tiki Torch Precautions

as with any type of glass involving yourself or fire, it is important to be careful in preparing and using them. The glass may break if care is not taken properly. From this tiki torch uses citronella oil, which can also be a fire hazard if used incorrectly. Of course, use common sense with these and ensure that:

  • Use these only in areas where they can not be knocked down or break easily. Or, use the class with mounting brackets so that they can be considered safely in place. This is the kit I used to ride my torches .
  • consider small stones or pebbles in the bottom of the bottle to add extra weight and keep from tipping over when used on a table.
  • do not use these interiors.
  • Keep the wick at the top of the bottle to 1 inch or less.
  • blowtorches store in a garage or shed (or somewhere else away from the time) when not in use.
  • Again, use common sense.

bottle of wine Tiki Torch Supplies

to make these torches, several very specific bids will have:

* most tiki torch fuels are petroleum-based and create harmful byproducts when burned. I like this safe and green formula which is natural, sustainable and burns cleanly.

bottle of wine Tiki Torch Games

also found a great kit that includes all the materials to make a tiki torch lamp. This kit is to make a version of assembly which is mounted on a fence post or other surface. This kit includes links and wicks to make 3 torches .

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How to make the bottle of wine Tiki torches

  1. Wrap one side of the coupling with nylon tape or slide the grommets onto it. This helps keep the coupling in place and seal the fuel from the air. You want to make sure that the coupling can slide into the mouth of the bottle well but do not fall in. For larger bottles may be needed more nylon tape or thick washers.
  2. Feed the wick on the link, leaving about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the coupling to turn
  3. optional step :. Add stones or marbles to clean the bottom of the bottle to fill it 1/3. This is optional and only recommended for torches to be at a table and not those hanging or mounted.
  4. Add fuel tiki torch to fill the bottle until the start of the neck. NOTE: According to some sources, you can add a few inches of water first and then the fuel. The fuel floats on the water surface and this reduces the amount of fuel needed and makes it more efficient since the fuel does not have to travel so far to the wick.
  5. Carefully insert the link into the mouth of the bottle.
  6. wick absorbs the fuel for at least half an hour before turning.
  7. Light and enjoy.

Other ways of reusing wine bottles

  • watering plant : Drill a small hole in the top of a wine bottle cap thread. Fill with water and return the lid with the drilled hole. Upside down and bury the bottle neck 4-5 inches on the ground of a potted plant
  • Vase :. It will place an empty wine bottle on the line and use as a simple vase flower arrangements
  • dish soap dispenser :. ADD a lid for pouring a bottle of old wine to make a soap dispenser to wash dishes or to store any other liquid ingredients [

What are your favorite date ideas at home? ? How reuses old bottles?

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Instructions

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