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How to Make Paper Gift Box DIY Craft Using Free Template?

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Gift boxes for almost all occasions. During the festival season, the demand for these boxes is very high. People like to exchange gifts and sweets. You can also give a nice gift to your loved ones. Why not make a craft DIY gift box in her own house? It is environmentally friendly and can be easily done. What’s more, the gift box facts take your personal touch and affection for the person to whom you have done. So let’s start –

Paper Gift Box DIY Craft using Free Template

Please take a look at the step by step procedure for making this gift box handmade DIY craft.

things that are needed to make this gift box DIY craft

Handmade-paper-box Diy-handmade-paper-box

  • The printed paper
  • Pencil
  • scissors
  • Rule
  • Cutter
  • glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • tape
  • decorative stones and pearls

Step by step process for making paper gift box

Step 1: Take a sheet of printed paper. The sheet size depends on how big you want your box. The plate must be printed on one side while the other side should have a white background.

Step 2: In the white part of the leaf, we need to draw the contours of the box. However, the template is available at StylEnrich.com website for you to download for free. All you need do is visit the URL below and download the free template and get it printed in white on the side of the blade. http://stylenrich.com/free-download-template-cute-diy- paper gift box /

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Step 3: Usually, in the printouts, two different lines appear in the outline. Regular lines must be maintained to form a box, while the dotted lines must be eliminated. First, cut the dotted lines and remove it completely. With other trademarks, we have to make the box.


Step 4: Use a cutter to run slowly along the marks on the sheet. It provides facility to fold the sheets.

Step 5: Now mark of 1.5 cm at the four corners of the sheet. Cut these brands too. It serves as a solution to the edges.


Step 6: to put the tape, again tie 1.5cm brands through the sheet. With the help of a ruler, measure and find the center of the sheet. Draw approximately 10 uniform markings. Use a cutter to cut these marks.


Step 7: Now use a satin ribbon and carefully inserted into the leaf through these cuts. Finally, make the box and tie the ribbon in an arc.

Handmade-diy-paper-box Handmade-diy-gift-box

Step 8: Decorate the box to give it a unique look. Use a glue gun to attach the stones in the box. Use wires decorative beads on the tape. You can place a large pearl in the center to complete the look. Your box is now ready for use.

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This table can serve as a perfect gift item . Use your creativity while decorating the box. It is both a versatile and ecological box . We hope you have enjoyed learning how. Making a happy hand!

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