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How to Make Paper Flowers- a Tulip Flower

DIY Art Flores always ask the smile on the face of children. Random and easily available things at home. Easy Paper Flowers Craft Ideas for home decoration always carry out ideas that can be simple, but the results become very impressive and amazing they are handmade. The handmade colorful paper flowers are easier to do.

Flowers have always been a constant source of inspiration for painters, writers, artists, designers and professionals of all types and all genres. A variety of colors of tulips relaxation, peace and tranquility of a stressed mind and has the power to encourage someone in a bad mood and are the best form of expression of feelings. Easy color flowers handmade paper do the same.

Handmade Colorful Easy Paper Flowers

Learn here how to make colorful handmade Easy Paper Flowers and explore your creativity!

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Let’s begin our session on How to make DIY easy paper flowers!

Material needed for easy paper flowers

  • colored crepe
  • roles

  • Scissors
  • Topic
  • wire ships
  • craft glue
  • Pencil
  • green tape

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Step by step process for the manufacture of paper tulip

. Step 1: Cut a red band on the dimensions of 14.5 x 4.5

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Easy Crepe Paper Craft-Ideas

. Step 2: Collect the correct paper in the center of the strip to form an arc as a cut in his hand

Easy Paper Craft Ideas

Step 3: Turn the arc center and carry a side of the bow and overlap elsewhere. Into the shape of a petal with his fingers, and turn the remaining part of the petals to the outside giving it a finished look petals.

Easy Paper Art Craft Easy Paper Craft

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Step 4: wire loop on the end of the petal. You get a spoon like the petal-shaped.

Easy Color Paper Craft

Step 5 :. Make multiple petals like this, following the previous method

Easy Color Paper Craft Ideas

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