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How to Make Easy Paper Quilling Earrings?

The earrings are a regular fixture and all the girls like using them. The slopes give a complete look. You can opt for common nails or adorn himself with beautiful hanging earrings . The fall Earrings quilling are very traditional and can be decorated for any occasion. You can use either the traditional or Western equipment. These Quilling earrings can be easily made at home. Let’s see how to make paper quilling easily earrings light in the country.

Paper Quilling Earrings

Please take a look at the step-by-step tutorial video on how to make earrings easily quilling paper in the country.

Learn how to make fantastic looking DIY handmade jewelry!

things necessary


  • Quilling strips (yellow, brown, pink and blue)
  • Quilling needle
  • earring hooks
  • jump rings
  • Scissors
  • craft glue
  • decorative beads

Find here simple DIY jewelry earrings quilling for beginners!

Step by step procedure for making paper Quilling earrings

Step 1

  • Take three quilling blue strips and paste them end to end using glue.
  • take any round container and turn the quilling strip around it.
  • Towards the end of the strip, apply a little glue and glue the end of it.


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Step 2

  • Take quilling strips yellow.
  • Divide these strips and cut into different sizes.
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  • Use a quilling needle and make tight coils.
  • Do different sizes tight coils, seal the ends with glue and keep aside.


Step 3

  • Take the blue ring and yellow stick coils inside the ring using glue.


  • Now take the brown strip quilling.
  • With a quilling needle, creates a tight coil and leave a part of the strip.
  • sticks together with this strip coil inside the blue ring to form a design pattern.
  • will again take a small strip of yellow, fold and paste on the inside edges of the ring to avoid any vacuum.
  • Next to similar designs using a strip of pink, similar like the brown band way.
  • paste it inside the blue ring.
  • all coils must be aligned on one side of the ring.


The profile quilling hive earrings DIY crafts for beginners!

Step 4

  • Take different colored stripes quilling like brown, pink and blue strips.
  • Make loose scrolls at one end of the strip.


  • Place these loose rolls one after the other in a vertical manner so that the different color rolls are placed end to end and the other end of the strips are together.
  • glue them together using a glue.


  • Now paste this combination pattern for the other end of the blue ring.
  • make some tight coils of yellow and presents them in the pattern of colors.
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Step 5

  • Take a blue stripe and cut it into two longitudinal halves.
  • Make a small circle with this strip with the needle quilling.
  • Take a strip of pink and again cut it into two longitudinal halves.
  • Make a small circle so that it fits within the blue circle.
  • Paste the pink circle and stick it on the outer surface of the blue ring inside the blue circle.


  • This acts as the loop of the slope.


Step 6

  • Insert the hook jump into this loop and attach the hook earring hook.


  • decorate the slopes with decorative beads.
  • Use some pearls in the coils and decorate the outer surface with these beads.


Its drop earrings are ready to use. You can wear to the party or functions. The biggest advantage is that it is lightweight and can be used at any time. It looks great and reflects their creativity. Therefore making these beautiful earrings and flaunt them anywhere.

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