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How to Make Easy DIY Paper Gift Bags?

gift cute adorable bags are loved by all, especially women. Is not it wonderful to have a custom paper gift bag for every occasion? paper bags gift are also useful when you want to gift your loved one for a special occasion. Whether a dinner date or a birthday or a wedding, you can put your precious gift in a gift bag designed precious before offering it to your loved one. DIY paper gift bags are creative and pretty. Wondering how to make a gift bag for your loved one? All you need to follow is a simple step by step procedure using a colored paper or cardboard.

DIY Paper Gift Bags

Let’s see step by step tutorial video on how to make gift bags easy DIY paper!

What is needed for DIY Paper Gift Bags


  • Printed paper colored
  • plain colored paper
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • craft glue
  • Rule
  • glue gun
  • glue stick
  • velcro
  • Decorative lace
  • The decorative stones, beads and pearls

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Step by step procedure to facilitate the paper bag

Step 1 :. Cut the printed paper measuring 27 cm in length

. Step 2: The paper cutting mark the dimensions of 8 cm, 5 cm and 8 cm

. Step 3: Enter the width of 13 cm in this document and cut the paper

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Step 4: mark 4.3 cm horizontally. Vertically, mark the dimensions of 2.5 cm on the paper.

Step 5: Diagonally, mark 6.5 cm using a ruler and cut the remaining portion of paper on the sides. This forms the additional hanging off the gift bag that helps in closing the bag.

Step 6 :. go a little on the cutting tool marks for easy folding

Step 7 :. The additional hanging gift bag, mark the distance that measures 0.5 cm

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Step 8 :. Take a colored paper and make curves using a template


Step 9 :. Draw lines curve curve using the template

Step 10 : Cut the curve on the marks made on paper. You get the shape of the bag.

Step 11 cut a flat color paper measuring 16 x 8 cm. Need 2 said pieces of colored paper.

Step 12 :. Now fold the paper in a zig-zag like a fan

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Step 13 :. Paste fan like structures in one of its corners to the sides of the bag

Step 14 :. Cut another color paper 2 cm to the handle of the bag

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Step 15: cut and paste decorative ribbon in the center

Step 16 :. Paste the handle of the bag on each side

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Step 17 :. Now stick the velcro on the flap of the bag, using a glue gun

Step 18 :. Paste decorative balls on the flap of the bag

Step 19 :. decoration bag using decorative beads and flowers

Step 20 :. Its easy DIY paper bag is ready

DIY paper gift bags can be easily customized using different colored papers and cardboards. You can use this paper bag as a personal bag or use it to make your gift inside before gifting your loved one. Now you no longer need to buy decorative boxes or bags to place their gifts. Making your own gift bag is an inexpensive and creative way to surprise and amaze your loved ones !!

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