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How to Make Cute Handmade Decorative Gift Box?

Gifts are a token of love and appreciation for every occasion. Traditionally gift boxes were made of ordinary cardboard and colored paper, giving it a dull and smooth appearance. The new trend is to make decorative gift box that will make it more attractive and tempting his gaze gift. Make your loved one feel more special with these decorative gift boxes. decorative gift boxes are so attractive that they are appreciated as much as the gift itself.

Decorative Gift Box

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i want to go buy decorative gift boxes? They are not expensive and abroad will have to go out and buy a different one for every occasion. You can make a small decorative gift cute hand made right in the comfort of your home by following a simple step by step procedure.

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what is needed


  • decorative paper
  • decorative lace
  • decorative mirrors and beads
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • glue stick
  • adhesive
  • glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Rule

Let’s learn How to make a hand-made gift box in just 5 minutes .. .

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Procedure step by step to make decorative handmade gift box

. Step 1: Enter the distances of different dimensions in a colored paper and draw lines


. Step 2: cut the paper according to the marked dimensions


Step 3: Slightly run the cutter on the assessments carried out for facilitate folding. Do not cut and fold the paper according to the markings.


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Step 4: Mark and cut small portion of dimension 1 cm paper

Step 5 :. glue the flap of paper with glue and place the box in the same symmetrical shape as the cut


Step 6 :. Take another paper printed color and draw a design on it

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Step 7 :. Fold and cut the paper around the design to get two forms of the same size

Step 8 :. Paste these forms on the face of the flap of the box for decoration

Step 9 :. Set opening the two flaps of the box to close

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Step 10 :. cut and paste decorative ribbon on the box using glue gun

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Step 11 :. Decorate the box with pearls and mirrors


Step 12 :. You can put your gifts or chocolates or hinders inside the box


There you go, your beautiful decorative gift box is all ready to use. You can choose color decorative paper select different patterns and colored beads to make different shapes and patterns in your gift box. These gift boxes can be made in different shapes and dimensions for your preference. Start making these decorative gift boxes for your gifts and surprise your beloved!

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