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How To Make Cute DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips?

hair clips are accessories that every girl dreams of. For every haircut that makes it, you like personalized with beautiful hair clips. hair clips make her more beautiful than usual hairstyle. Are you tired of running to the store to buy hair clips for every occasion ?? Would you rather prefer to find an easy way to have cute hair clips that go with each hairstyle and dress of yours? Yes, you can make beautiful satin flower hair clips with the help of a few simple ingredients and easy procedure.

DIY Satin Flower Hair Clips For Girls!

Tong Flower DIY satin hair for girls!

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Have a look at the detailed video tutorial DIY hair clips Satin Flower

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What is needed


  • satin ribbons (pink and yellow) – 2.5cm wide
  • hair pins
  • Pearls
  • foam Sheet
  • needle and thread
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • lighter
  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • glue gun and stick

Let’s make easy accessories for girls using projects sewing!

Step by step procedure to make cute DIY hair clips Satin Flower

. Step 1: Cut the pieces of satin ribbon Pink measuring 2.5cmx2.5cm

. Step 2: Perform the same with pieces of satin ribbon yellow

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. Step 3: Burn and seal the threads of satin ribbon

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Step 4: Fold the satin pieces in a triangular shape to obtain a petal as shape. Cut and seal the bottom.


Step 5 :. Make several said petals


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Step 6: Now fold each petal back into a triangular shape and take the inside of the petal. Burn and seal the remaining.

Step 7: The use of the clamp make another inner fold of the petals and seal the bottom

. Step 8: Fold petals yellow satin in a triangular shape and set the rose petals inside satin and seal the petals together. Repeat the same with all the petals.


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Step 9 :. Now you stitch all the petals together using a needle and thread to make a flower


Step 10 :. Make a circular cut from the foam sheet


Step 11 :. Glue the flower on the base foam sheet Circular

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Step 12 :. Paste this beautiful flower in its cradle and decorate satin flower with pearls and stones

Hair-pin-craft Hair-pin

There you go! Its beautiful hair clips satin flower Various colors are ready. You can choose any color of your choice for satin ribbons and hair clips. Decorate to your taste with beautiful pearls and colored stones. Now you will have different hair clips of different hairstyles you do !!

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