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How to make Coconut Oil Hair Mask at home?

The dry, coarse hair is a very common problem in women. Every woman always wanted a soft, healthy hair and to get these different types of drugs and cosmetics are applied. These methods are expensive and time consuming and challenging to have drastic side effects. So instead of using these methods, there are a lot of natural methods to achieve a smooth and healthy hair. Here we will say that the best and simple home remedy to cure dry, coarse hair.

Coconut oil and honey hair mask is one of the best remedy for the care of dry, coarse hair. This combination is best for your skin. It is very useful for controlling protein loss and retention of moisture in the hair. Coconut oil is useful to keep fresh scalp and honey gives extra brightness to avoid split ends. Next video, the simple method of preparing this mask.

How to mask hair coconut oil at home?

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