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How to Make a Smoothie: 10 Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast

shakes are the newest food and healthier breakfast, you are taking the world by a wave. It is easy to make and very tasty to drink. If you are thinking How to make a healthy smoothie or what is the difference between a smoothie and fruit juice? Today, we answer all that and more! Well, a smoothie is a much thicker beverage or a fruit juice dripping. It is a mixture of fruits or vegetables along with milk or water, ice cubes and some sweeteners
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How to make healthy smoothies?

Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast

Let’s learn Top 10 healthy smoothies for breakfast!

Smoothies can be made in many different ways. But the most common and fast way to make a healthy breakfast smoothie is

  • First, you need to choose a fruit or vegetable. You can choose either fresh or frozen fruit. But we suggest you stick to fresh fruits!
  • Then would choose the basis for the batter. You can choose between water or milk or yogurt.
  • To be healthier, you could add some nuts or seeds to the mix.
  • Add ice and a little sweetener to the mixture.
  • transfer all ingredients in a blender and blend together.
  • add some herbs or spices for that extra flavor!
  • layer up in a glass of milkshake and your drink is ready!

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The 10 healthy smoothies breakfast Top

1. strawberry smoothie

Everyone loves strawberry and healthy strawberry milkshake would top the list shakes on a sunny day summer. The recipe for the perfect strawberry breakfast smoothie is very simple and can be prepared in minutes.


All you need are some strawberries and two bananas, preferably frozen. For this smoothie it is not necessary to add any liquid. Just get your blender, add all ingredients with some ice and blend until smooth. Drink up!

2. Mango Smoothie

This smoothie in particular is a favorite among the cult conscious diet. This breakfast smoothie uses a secret ingredient, avocado. Avocados not only provide plenty of healthy fats and nutrients that keep hair shiny, but also reduces the risk of cancer. What’s more? This fleshy fruit, when combined with handles aid in the regulation of blood pressure levels.

The ingredients needed to prepare this shake are few slices of mango, peeled and chopped avocados, a quarter cup of milk and some ice cubes. Mix them all together and refill with a slice of mango. Your drink is ready!

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3. Beets and Raspberry Smoothie

Whoever said that healthy smoothies for breakfast only made fruit. You can have one of the healthiest smoothies with another to overcome! Beets are known to produce nitric acid which helps in promoting blood circulation in the body.

The preparation time for this smoothie is just ten minutes and all you need are a few fresh raspberries, chilled some raspberries For the garnish, half a cup of yogurt and a cup of cooked beets. Mix until smooth pasta and dress it with a little chilled raspberry on top.

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4. “apple of love” Smoothie

healthy breakfast smoothies all prepared in less than fifteen minutes. And this simple milkshake only takes five minutes to do. Tomatoes are rich in salicylates, which has anti-coagulant properties. This means that the more tomatoes consumed, the healthier your heart!

All you need are a few pieces of tomato, a few basil leaves and low in fat Yogurt . Mix all ingredients with ice cubes and transfer them to a serving bowl shake.

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5. Flaxseed and Berry Smoothie

there is no better way to start the day than with the perfect mix of foods to improve blood sugar. Linseed are loaded with fiber and lignans that help slow the growth of tumors. Although this smoothie that does not sound very sumptuous, which is rich in fiber and other essential nutrients.

The ingredients needed for this are flax seed powder, a handful of blueberries, orange juice for a citrus flavor, half a cup of yogurt and a small banana. Mix until smooth and creamy texture. Serve with ice.

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