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How to Lose Weight on Face Naturally

lose weight on face

People love chubby cheeks only when a small baby having fun. As they grow, the bones of the cheek tone that draw more attention and looks of appreciation.

When you put on weight, the first thing people tend to notice is swollen face and a weight reduction similarly also noticeable in the face before other parts of your body. However, to specifically target and tone down the fat face is impossible. Working in weight loss as a whole tends to reduce the accumulated fat in your face.

There are many reasons that may contribute to the accumulation of fat in the cheeks and neck; However, the most important to consider are genetic factors, alcohol addiction, and especially obesity. Some of the reduction methods include:

1. Exercise

face exercises

is said to contract and relax the muscles of the face constantly you can do wonders in burning fat face. Even simple exercises like this can help.

  • Making a wide large ‘O’ with his mouth, holding in it for 30 seconds, relax, and then repeat for 10-20 times can be extremely useful.
  • blows over her cheek, staring at the ceiling, holding the position for 30 seconds, relax and repeat, you can strengthen your jaw line.
  • The practice of letter “X” and “O” repeatedly as possible is also helpful.
  • Breathing exercises serve the dual purpose of keeping relaxed while tone down the fat in the face. With the day of yoga observed earlier this month, it’s time to put some asans to practice yoga. The asans which makes turn your head and shoulders are extremely useful in reducing fat in the face.
  • Apart from this, only a warm smile can contract the muscles of the cheeks and, therefore, can act as an exercise.

2. Stay hydrated

drinking water

Water, the universal solvent has a property that helps in removing all toxins and waste products from our body as sweat. Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and also keeps your stomach full, to avoid filling it with garbage. To simplify it, it is required to drink a minimum of 8 glasses, preferably warm water for an adult, and 5-6 glasses for children.

3. Maintain a balanced diet

balanced diet

An important step towards weight loss step is to avoid starving, and eat healthy so that your body gets all the nutrients involved, but not yet fat accumulates. Whole grains should be a mandatory addition to your daily diet. The same iron, calcium and other minerals are also absolutely essential to make you feel energized and refreshed throughout the day mode. Skip the food is only going to worsen the situation and that only affects him adversely as when you tend to skip a meal, the body goes into sleep mode fat accumulation, so the purpose of lack of food is lost. Following a balanced diet plan is a must, so is eating at regular intervals. A balanced diet is likely to include:

  • green leafy vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Skimmed milk
  • Soybeans
  • lean meat
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • foods that contain iron, calcium and minerals

4. Eat well

eat right

fruits and vegetables, even when ingested in large quantities not get fat, but instead will provide all the nutrients you need. Therefore, it is always better to cut the sugar, salt, burgers, pizzas, rice, and so on, and instead of going to lean meat, skim milk, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Remember, instead of taking fruit juice, if instead of eating a fruit, being cut out all sugar and extra calories. Caffeine is also better for weight reduction avoided.

The normal caloric requirement for men is 2,500 calories, while for women, which is around 1500 calories. However, only 100 grams of sugar contains 387 calories. Therefore, sugary products is best avoided if you want to lose his / her fat.

5. Sleep Well

woman sleeping

You may wonder about the role of sleep in reducing fat face. It has been found after extensive research that adults who do not receive adequate amount of sleep are left with dark circles and sagging facial muscles. dark circles make your face look all puffed up and fatter than it really is. Similarly, it can cause sagging jowls that can make your face look swollen.

Therefore, a good sleep of eight hours is a must for all who seek weight reduction. The following foods are likely to induce sleep:

  • Drinking warm milk at night
  • products based on rice
  • Cereal with milk
  • peanut butter
  • The protein-rich food products
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6. Chewing gum

chewing gum

face muscles are like any other muscle in our body. The more you exercise, the better they get. And the best way to exercise the muscles of the cheek is chewing gum. However, try sugarless variant as additional sugar can override the effort. And if you are already in the gums, then this exercise can be a piece of cake. You can do anything you like and get benefited too. But still, too much of anything is not good, so make sure you are not overdoing anything. Chewing gum for 2 hours each day is more than enough for an average adult.

7. Learn makeup techniques

Although the makeup does not help weight loss, which has the potential to make others think so. You not have to worry about making a public appearance. Makeup can cover the sagging skin, double cheeks, dark circles and what not.

  • A concealer or foundation can take care of your dark circles, while a blush can give others the impression of a cheekbone in the place of his chubby cheeks.
  • Similarly, there is a technique called contour. This can help highlight the selected parts of the face, so you can use the technique to show himself as more sculpted than they really are.
  • threading your eyebrows to give it a bow works wonders to hide fat cheeks and double chin. The faces of people with raised eyebrows tend to look a long time.

But remember, this is only a temporary solution to a problem long term.

8. Get a facial massage

face massage

A good facial can tone down a lot of fat face , if done on a regular basis and by trained professionals. There are many centers of hydrotherapy and massage fraudulent, so it is up to you to carry out research and find an authentic massage center. facial massage can help tighten sagging skin, improving blood flow and oxygen. Massage can help reduce jowls and dark circles, helping his side retain gloss and toned look.

9. Cut your hair to suit your face

A good haircut is like a makeup applied effectively. You can help your face look thinner than it really is and can improve their appearance. Always it prefers a shorter cut if your haircut is already back. This hides the fat in their cheeks, while a long hairstyle can make your face look dumpy. Most preferred hairstyles are:

  • hair cut in layers with bangs
  • Gentle waves
  • Pixie cut
  • long bob
  • irregular cut Short
  • explosions interspersed with layers

10. Use beauty Masks

face mask

masks can contract and tighten the skin. Above all, the more effective they are made from natural organic clay soil. This tightens the skin and therefore prevents continued use jowls and sagging. Not only clay masks, other masks such as masks organic fruit and vegetable masks also have the desired effect. These masks are easy to use and therefore can be done at home. However, when done in a room, as has been said with massages, it does ensure that the rooms are authentic and use good quality products. Some of the most efficient masks are:

  • organic clay masks soil
  • masks banana
  • masks Vinegar
  • facial milk
  • oatmeal facial masks
  • yogurt and mustard masks

11. Do not be tempted to take the easy [19459009path]

Some people are so tempted with instant results that prefer to take the easy way out that is pop pills of different colors and sizes that create television commercials and doctors. However, a good doctor will tell you that none of these things work, and only the enormous effort that can help in this regard.

pills and medications only negatively affect their health and cause many side effects. They are also responsible for water retention in the body that is similar to the effect caused by continuous drinking. Smoking, chewing snuff, betel leaves are also harmful, because it makes fine lines arising in the neck and increases the elasticity of the skin, causing the collapse.

12. Analyze your personal situation

The accumulation of fat in the face can be due to many reasons. However, sometimes it can be our own fault and not the real truth. The best approach is to consult a doctor and clarify doubts regarding the face of the proportion of the body. If you make sure that everything is normal, then put your mind at rest and be happy.

Else, consider the faces of family members. If they have the same rate then there is nothing to do. Or it may be something called puppy fat, which is prominent at a young age and tends to tone down over time. It was believed
The proportions of the human being ideal to fit in a circle as the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci.

However, it is reasoned with the time that a man should be seven heads tall.

13. Practice good posture

Hunched back can make your face look more fat and double chin cause. Therefore, try to always stand straight and look straight ahead, bellowing his cards face down while talking.

This can not only increase your confidence, but also prevent the accumulation of fat around the chin area. With a bowed head, it becomes easier for the fat stored in the chin area.

It is also said that when a person inhales deeply, it is difficult for them are bent back and, therefore, tend to maintain a straight back upright. If you are not able to do it on your own, consult a doctor who can help improve your posture with some exercises.

14. Be on guard

There are plenty of calorie tables available on the network. Always be on guard and try to eat things with minimum calorific values. And always keep a check of the ideal height mass index, body weight and age. In addition, it would be best to consult a dietitian before embarking on a change of diet.

It is said that one of inner beauty can be judged by one of looks. Therefore, it is our sacred to appear elegant and showcase our beauty duty. However, a thin face guarantees not starve yourself. Following the above steps diligently that can help with the process, but the most important need is the initiative and motivation to stay on track. skin care every day begins at home.

Simply wash your face every time you come home after a trip can be very nourishing for the skin. And likewise, body condition, genetic factors and other factors that are beyond its control also directly affect the accumulation of fat in the face. The best way is to embrace it and accept it as part of who you are. This acceptance is essential for happiness and self-peace in the long run.

A fun fact of recent research is that people with fuller faces and they are happy with it tend to live longer than their thinner counterparts. Also they considered beautiful by most of the world’s population as everyone starts getting wrinkled skin after age 40, while people with faces stored fat.

However, regular exercise, lifts the cheek, “O” and “X, lips fish, chewing gum, being on a strict diet, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, be happy and smiling, avoid alcohol and smoking, etc., are all, of course, important in life, but what is more important is to love yourself by the way you are.

you they are more than jowls or increasing waist. you are the soul and the person inside. the happiness that spread and people feel joy watching you all the little things that matter. We all people they hate themselves seen by his figures, but nothing worth if it costs you your happiness.

at the time you start loving yourself, and do all the things mentioned above, only for their own But just because you enjoy it, the pain disappears in the process. Do not try to change yourself for the approval and acceptance of another person. Do if you want it and it does so only if you feel comfortable doing.

If you end up doing something because you do not feel well with the mind that the final product is definitely not going to make you feel better. But if you do something on impulse, because it is what he always wanted, because it makes you happier, because they care about their opinion and not that of society, then go for it.

Remember that you are able to win the sun and the moon, and a little fat will not be in your way to do that. Burn, and march forward.


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