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How To Lose Belly Fat: Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach

How to lose belly fat

good eating habits are important to keep the belly properly. It is always good to avoid overeating. Give your stomach a chance to do their job. This is done through a movement of gentle agitation, and helps the shaking motion along if it stands, without exercising you too for at least two hours after a heavy meal, instead of going directly from the dinner table to bed.

is, therefore, important to examine your diet, habits of work and rest and rectify as soon as possible. Go to bed only after heavy meal has passed from the stomach to the duodenum, which means an average of two hours after a meal.

This will take care of the most bulging belly propensities. But the question is how to get a flat stomach and push the bulk of existing backup? The most effective exercises are simple, and consist of strengthening and restoration of resistance to the loss of belly muscles and stomach.

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exercises to get rid of belly fat

While finding an activity that you enjoy and do it regularly, like walking, running or large, it is also advisable to walk in bicycle to identify the specific area of ​​the belly to tone muscles and give the area a better definition and form. Here are some exercises to get rid of belly fat.

Bicycle-in-bed exercises to get rid of belly fat and get a flat stomach

exercise bikes in bed to get rid of belly fat: Lie on your back on a hard surface – the floor or on a wooden board – preferably on an empty stomach. Bring your arms under his head, and then lift your legs one at a time and move them alternately as if you are cycling. To do this, about 35 times. But remember, this should not be done after meals.

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Exercises double occupancy get rid of belly fat and get a flat stomach

Fold exercise lose belly fat: exercise is a bit tiring but benefits both the stomach and back muscles. Lie face up on a hard surface with your legs straight and tied together and arms outstretched on the side of the body. Take a deep breath and then lift your right arm and left leg at the same time without bending the knee and try to grasp the big toe with your hand, gently exhaling as the exercise progresses. You may not do it at once, but after a few days, when the muscles of the back and belly are strong enough to withstand that as you lift your torso with your hand to catch the toe. Repeat with the left hand and right leg. Do this ten minutes a day and in a fortnight will be standing straighter than ever with the noticeable belly to come. This exercise should also be avoided after meals.

Bending exercises to get rid of belly fat and get a flat stomach

Bending to get rid of belly fat: This can be done in two ways – either standing or lying down. Lie down on a hard surface with your arms straight back and straight legs joined; lift himself without bending the knees by the effort of the muscles of the back only, all the time holding his arms above his head. You may find it difficult at first, but after a few days of effort you will be able to do it more comfortably. Go in lifting yourself up to sitting with legs stretched out still, then bend and try to touch the toes with your hands. Five of these attempts per session are good enough to start. but after a few days increase to 10. Strongly not do this exercise after meals is recommended.

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Skipping exercises to get a flat stomach

Skipping to get a flat stomach: substitutes Skipping running or jogging instead. As running, jumping also allows you to develop strong legs and core muscles. In addition to improving strength and endurance also tones the body. Skipping distributes the weight evenly throughout the body, from head to toe and helps you lose belly fat. If you skip every day, for example, replicated three times with a one-minute break after every hundred jumps, you can be sure to get a flat stomach in only a few weeks.

can also go back and leg at a time. With a little effort, it is easy to get rid of belly fat and sport a toned abdomen. No bulging at all!

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