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How To Lose 10 Pounds In 7 Days (Safely And Naturally) With This Incredible Apple Diet!

Through the centuries, people have tried some pretty crazy things in the pursuit of weight loss, chew but not swallow to sleep and not eating.


All diets work to some extent, says Susan Burke March, MS, RD, of Flagler Beach, Florida, a nutritionist and author of Making Weight Control Second Nature :. Living Thin Naturally because’re restriction of food intake.

But with fad diets, weight loss is usually temporary and can be very dangerous.

So … why this diet is different?

Apples facilitate digestion and contain many useful substances that promote the work of the immune system, preventing the accumulation of fat in the liver and protect against cancer.

Apples contain vitamins A, B, and C, and organic acids such as apple, citric, formic and carbonic. Apples contain pectin, which affects the reduction of calories and the negative impact of carbohydrates.

Pectin also regulates the intestinal flora. Research shows that 25 grams apple pectin allows loss of 0.66 pounds. body weight per day.

all organic eggs are also included. On the one hand, studies show that eating eggs make you feel full longer. The eggs are filled with a variety of nutrients, including protein, zinc, iron and vitamins A, D, E and B12, but contain only 85 calories each.

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advice Old to limit eggs to a few each week also has been abandoned. According to the Food Standards Agency, now there is no limit on the number of eggs you can eat in a week as part of a healthy balanced diet.


Based on these properties of apples, which make up a diet that promotes safe weight loss in a very short time. A couple of things about this diet to be effective:

  • Absolutely no sugar or salt
  • drink only water or tea
  • Drink at least 1 gallon of purified water per day

Day 1-3

  • Breakfast: 2 blocks and 1 boiled egg organic
  • Lunch: 2 apples and 1 boiled egg organic
  • Dinner: 1 boiled egg organic

Day 4-7

  • Breakfast: 2 blocks and 1 boiled egg organic
  • lunch: 2 apples, 1 boiled egg, organic handful of almonds
  • Dinner: 1 boiled egg organic

NOTE: If you feel too hungry at any time during the diet can increase the amount of apples. In addition, drinking water with natural gas will also help you feel full.

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