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How To Increase Sexual Power

sexual weakness

You are not alone. Thousands of men have faced this problem. sexual weakness is a common problem among men of all ages. Almost half of the male population worldwide suffer from one or other sexual problem.

Sexual function is a complex mixture of anatomical, neurological, metabolic, endocrine and psychological factors significant human activity. Sex is not only physical activity, but also a mental relaxation and even liftman. If any of the partners remain dissatisfied, family life is disturbed. The male partner always worries about his ability to meet his female counterpart. If there is an erection, retention and the problem of premature ejaculation, then the male subject is designated as sexual dysfunction.

common causes of sexual weakness

  • excessive masturbation.
  • Complete loss of desire (even in the young man)
  • overindulgence in sex.
  • Local Injury
  • Syphilis.
  • The enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • Impotence with diabetes mellitus
  • Mumps
  • Obesity
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Cigarettes and drugs intake.

Weekly Food Menu to increase sexual potency

basil, cloves, ginger, onion, tomato, radish, celery, eggs, carrots, red pepper, oats, asparagus, fresh onion, chestnut, hazelnut, pistachio, coconut, cucumber, oyster, caviar are main foods to improve your sexual potency. Having them in your weekly menu selections would be a good choice. Especially foods containing vitamin E like pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are natural drugs for disorders of impotence and erection.

Exercise for sexual weakness

In addition to improving mental and physical health, regular exercise improves healthy sexual function and helps improve sexual virility. Try to exercise at least 4-5 times a week, incorporating moderate cardiovascular exercise in addition to strength training. Regular exercise promotes blood circulation and increases testosterone and growth hormone levels, all of which promote greater sexual virility and sexual function.

Kegel exercises, crunches Stability-Ball, squatting, sitting astride stretching and dog looking up are good exercises to enhance sexual potency. So even if you already have a great sex life, try incorporating these five exercises and stretching in your workout routine – and reap the benefits in the bedroom

yoga to boost energy sexual [

wondered why people who practice yoga regularly look so happy and at peace? It could be because people who do yoga often experience a boost in the overall quality of their sex life. The increased strength and flexibility for better self-confidence and high body sensitivity, the connection between yoga and good sex is crystal clear.

is a disappointment to realize that you have to take a break during sex, they simply do not have the energy to continue. Yoga employs techniques for building core stability and muscle control, all while breathing hard and build a sweat. Its resistance can only lead to more lasting between you and your partner sex, and you will be surprised to realize how long it can keep up with the rigorous demands of a healthy sex life.

wide-legged STRADDLE Sitting Pose, Pose Viparita Karani, child’s pose, Bridge Pose and Lotus pose yoga are excellent exercises to enhance sexual potency.

Natural foods to increase sexual Power


Some Experts have called watermelon the new Viagra. Bhimu Patil, a researcher and director of the International Center for the Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables of Texas A & M University, said eating watermelon provides effects similar to Viagra in the blood vessels throughout the body and can increase libido! This refreshing fruit contains amino acid citrulline. Citrulline is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase sexual desire. 2 If you want to get in the mood, make this Watermelon Sorbet and share it with your partner. I’m all about the delicious easy recipes.


The garlic is rich in allicin, which can improve blood flow to the sexual organs, which in turn promotes the role healthy and strong sex, harder erections. Cut some garlic and sprinkle on your favorite foods. Or take a garlic supplement. Garlic is a sexual super food that can increase your sexual virility.


It It is said that strawberries are attractive, and are rich in antioxidants that can benefit the human heart and arteries. Therefore, eating this fruit can help achieve good circulation. And, it is believed that good circulation is important to sexual functioning in men and women. Moreover, strawberries are also rich source of vitamin C, which together with the presence of antioxidants, helps keep the number of sperm in older men. Therefore, you should try to submerge black berries in chocolate including methylxanthines to activate your libido naturally.


Bananas They are other sexual super food that can help improve sexual function and increase sexual virility. Bananas are rich in vitamins B and bromelain, both of which are powerful regulators sex hormone that can help improve sexual function, sexual desire and sexual virility. Add a banana to your daily diet.

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Dry this fruit in large quantities, and then the powder. Now this powder strain through a thin fabric. From here, take some fresh Amlas juice and mix this powder in the juice and let dry again. Therefore keep adding energy to the juice for seven days. Now when this mixture is completely dry, store it in a jar. It takes this powder (12 g) is mixed in 12 grams of butter and 6 grams of honey and has twice daily. This formula will cure all the affliction of semen and increases sexual potency. You can also just taken immediately after intercourse to conduct post-coital complete pleasure in second gear.

dates and milk

It is also a time tested aphrodisiac that makes semen to the user / s thick and powerful sperm. Has four or five dates daily alongwith a cup full of rich milk cream, if taken as the first thing in the morning is even better. As it gives you instant energy, but you can also take after intercourse.


Now, celery may not be the food of choice what you dream about when you think about sex, but it is a great source food for sexual stimulation. It contains androsterone celery, a hormone released odorless through male perspiration and turns women on. Celery is best eaten raw. Wash and cut some, and nibble away on the bed just before getting down and dirty.

increase sexual potency with Halwajat

Almond halva

It takes about 50 grains of almonds and soak them overnight in warm water. Morning peeled off the skin and ground to a fine paste. Add about 250 grams of candy after making a syrup or sugardandy misri. When they form a homogeneous paste, pour in about 100gms of butter milk cow and simmer over low heat fire. When partially solidified due to the heat, remove it from the heat and add the powder of about 10 small cardamom. Cover with silver foil. You can add pieces of pistachio in it if desired. Have each morning and evening in winter season. In scorching summers that should not be eaten because it increases tremendous heat in the body. It is ideal for those who suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation or every frequent nocturnal emissions.

carrot halva

powerful aphrodisiac is full of protein and vitamin “A” content. It’s very favorite dish throughout northern India. It is believed to have been invented by the Mughlas later, which is full of elements that energizes and very easy to Diges however. Peel the outer layer of red carrots and take their hard part white. Now chop the red pieces of carrots properly. Take about 1 kg of carrots and pour in about a year and a half kg of rich milk. enough to make your amount reduced by one third of its original weight is heated. Now Khoya kg medium roast in half kg of butter milk cow. When your halwa is almost ready add 25 grams of the following ingredients: Kakoli, White Bahaman, Torai yellow, white Moosali, Salabh mishri or candy. Make its mixture of fine powder and add this in the halwa. Add about 250 grams of chuharas (dry dates) with 50gms of shreds of almonds, pistachios and nuts of your choice. Now grind the two or three pieces of saffron in about a spoon full of Gulab Jal. Now add all content in the halwa. It is a very rich and delicious dish guaranteed to improve your sexual power that has no end. Take about a plateful of this halwa every night and morning and enjoy life to the fullest.

increase sexual potency with vitamins and minerals


vitamin a is essential for normal reproduction. It is common for impotent men who have a deficiency of vitamin A. health of epithelial tissue lining the outer and inner surfaces of the body, including the lining of the vagina and uterus in women is maintained. Lack of vitamin A can result in decreased production of sex hormones.

To increase your intake of vitamin A, increasing foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, mango, liver, eggs, butter, spinach, broccoli, carrots, leeks, peas, cheddar cheese, tuna, nuts and pistachios.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is needed for energy metabolism, especially anaerobic metabolism that is associated with short bursts, intense energy . He has those in love making sessions. It also helps with enzymatic reactions and for the maintenance of the skin and nerve health. Vitamin B3 increases sexual blush. This sex flush increases blood flow to the genitals and intensify orgasm.

What you can eat to help increase their vitamin B3. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, anchovies, tuna, swordfish, liver, paprika, peanuts, beef (lean), chicken (white meat), turkey (without skin), and sun-dried tomatoes.

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vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a libido enhancer because it helps in the control of prolactin increase. It also helps in estrogen and testosterone function and the production of red blood cells, serotonin and dopamine. For men with low sperm count vitamin B6 it has been show to help raise these levels.

What you can eat to help increase your vitamin B6. Bananas, Brussels sprouts (cooked), halibut, avocados, pork chops, baked potatoes (skinless), roast beef, melon, cottage cheese (low fat), and tomatoes.

vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary for your body can manufacture red blood cells, consistent with the normal function nerve cells and is an energy booster. Vitamin B12 increases sexual desire, which improves erection of the penis by expanding the blood vessels. Also stimulates the secretion of histamine needed to orgasm.

What you can eat to help increase their vitamin B12. Clams, oysters, mussels, liver, caviar (fish roe), octopus, mackerel, salmon, tuna, cod, sardines, crabs, lobster, beef, Swiss cheese, and eggs.

Vitamin C

Eat more fruits with vitamin C. Yes, vitamin C is working efficiently, improve sexual stamina. Vitamin C improves blood circulation throughout the body and helps you stay long during sexual activity greatly. Vitamin C helps nerves of the penis long ultimately what helps the person who cling to revitalize energy levels. As a result of the sexual power has increased. Adults need is approximately 60 mg of vitamin C daily. acidic citrus fruits are popular for their properties of vitamin C, such as lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Other foods rich in vitamin C include peaches, peppers, broccoli, soy beans, kale, chestnuts, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve circulation. Apart from other sexual desire, circulation is the most important component of sexual function. Good body movement is required for a good sex life.

The amount of vitamin E you need is about 4 mg per day for men So, for better circulation, add more vitamin E-rich foods in your diet, such as almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, kiwi, mango, tomato, sunflower seeds, cereals, eggs, butternut squash, green vegetables and vegetable oils such as soybean, corn and olive oil.

folic acid

folic acid is a vitamin key when it comes to playback. If you are looking to get pregnant, you and your spouse should make sure you are getting your daily allowance of folic acid. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects and is linked to an increase in sperm count in men.

What you can eat to help increase their folic acid. Avocado, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, spinach, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, okra, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beets, corn, celery, and carrots.


Magnesium aids in the production of sex hormones as androgens and estrogens that regulate the urge down there. This mineral has documented aphrodisiac effects, which can improve their libido and sexual performance. It also helps calm and relax so you can have an increased sex drive.

What you can eat to help increase your magnesium. Rice, wheat, oat bran, dried coriander, mint, dill, sage, basil ,, salted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, cocoa powder (black chocolate), linseed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, molasses and dry roasted soybeans.


Selenium It is a trace element that functions as an antioxidant and works together with vitamin E. It is very important for sexual health of men, because without selenium, healthy sperm can not be produced and contributes to male potency. About 50% of selenium in a man is in the testes and seminal ducts, and men lose selenium in their semen through orgasm.

For men 75 mg of selenium per day is recommended and 60 mg for women. Foods containing selenium include Brazil nuts, salmon, tuna, whole grains, garlic, sesame seeds, kidney, liver, rice, mushrooms and all the bluefish.


Zinc is a trace element and is especially known for the production of testosterone. Testosterone has a dramatic effect on sexual desire in both men and women. To a man, the lack of testosterone can affect your ability to have an erection. A male orgasm leads to an average loss of about 15 mg of zinc, so the zinc replacement is important for a man.

The recommended zinc intake for men is 11 mg and 8 mg for women. Foods that are rich in zinc include garlic, spinach, okra, dates, avocado, tofu, asparagus, artichokes, cashew nuts, wheat, oats, Granada, raspberries, seeds pumpkin, black beans, soybeans, beans, lamb, sardines and classic aphrodisiac, oysters (6 medium oysters can contain 40 mcg zinc).

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