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How To Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally

New mothers often worry about how to increase breast milk, but in most cases it is not really any deficiencies milk. However, due to the enormous benefits of breast milk for a newborn, it does not hurt to work on tips on how to increase milk production. Usually, nursing several times a day (up to 12!) Naturally increase the production of breast milk because the baby sucking reflex. In addition, you can use compression breast milk and breast pumps. In addition to using these standard recommendations, staying hydrated and taking better care of their health, however, you can also try using these simple tips and natural remedies to increase breastfeeding and ensure that their beautiful baby get adequate supply of breast milk.


tips to increase breast milk supply

Increase Skin contact

“increased skin contact between mother and child promotes greater release of hormones that produce breast milk and hormones ejector milk”

When nursing, get rid of all the upper body clothing and do the same with your baby, keeping it in just a diaper. If you want to stay covered, place a sheet or blanket over the two of you. The increased skin contact between mother and child not only helps strengthen maternal ties, but also promotes greater release of hormones that produce breast milk, and milk hormones ejector.

No more timers!

“In addition to reducing milk production, studies have shown that breastfeeding scheduled also has a detrimental effect on growth, compared with” on demand “food “

If the low breast milk production is a problem that would be better avoided by following a rigid schedule for feeding or restrict lunch in either breast. Studies have shown programming that breastfeeding also has a detrimental effect growth compared with “on demand” supply. Let your baby to access both breasts during feeding, as this can help increase milk production.

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Avoid pacifiers, bottles, and Food

“while bottles, baby food, and pacifiers” pacify “oral stimulation your baby, this is counterproductive – the decline in milk consumption correlates with lower milk production “

production will be reduced with lower demand, but breastfeeding it is important for your baby anyway, so it is best to avoid practices that cause this. While feeding bottles baby food, pacifiers and will “pacify” oral stimulation of your baby, this is counterproductive because it reduces hunger and the likelihood that your baby breast milk. This directly correlates with the decrease in milk production.

Relax & Get Some eye closed

“A study published in Advances in Neonatal Care found that the most calm and relaxed a mother is, the higher the quality and supply of breast milk

Relax and sleep more when I just had a baby asks? Yes, it may seem impossible, but it can be done. Get other household members to help with tasks and simplify or eliminate tasks that are not really necessary. Always try to doze your baby makes and relax with warm baths, meditation music, deep breathing, or meditation. Several studies, including one published in Advances in neonatal care indicated that the most calm and relaxed a mother is, the higher the quality and improving the supply of breast milk.


Eat Smart

“galactagogues are foods or drugs that stimulate and increase the production of breast milk”

you probably already know how important it is to stay hydrated and fed to ensure adequate milk production, but you may not have heard of galactagogues. These are basically food or drugs to stimulate and increase the production of breast milk. You can include foods such as barley, almonds, sesame seeds and oats, as well as popular spices such as ginger and turmeric in your diet plan because it could help increase milk production.

Sometimes, poor breast milk production could occur due to blockage or anatomical problems, such as inverted nipples, in which case it would be best to consult a lactation consultant. Almost all problems of breast milk are easily solved. Just be careful when you are on the advice of herbs and supplements for breast milk production, as there is no scientific evidence to support the use of most herbs, and many have even been found to increase levels of toxicity, This represents a risk to you and your child. If the tips above do not provide adequate relief or if you have more questions about breastfeeding consult your pediatrician or a lactation consultant before trying alternative therapies

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