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How To Heal Burns Fast – 17 Home Remedies For Burn Blisters

home remedies for burns heal burns quickly

Burns can occur due to fire, hot liquids or hot food, sunlight and even due to chemicals. Minor burns can be treated with healing and soothing home remedies; but for the most serious burns, you should seek immediate medical attention. Sometimes, burns can penetrate deep into the skin, where they could even damage the bone or internal tissues. Here are some quick solutions for the treatment of burns fast:

1. Water

There’s nothing like a good old H2O for treatment of burns. This is the first of all home remedies for skin healing quickly. Ice can also be applied as long as the skin is intact. Burns could also be dehydrated, so make sure you sip water.

2. Onions

onions, leeks and shallots have been used for centuries in Africa and India for healing burns. The reason may be due to their allantoin compounds quercetin and anti-scarring. Onions are also anti-inflammatory. You can make a poultice of onions and mashed applied to the skin. Another remedy is to boil some corn silk, onion and ginger and apply to burned skin.

3. Oats

For healing of burns quickly, apply a paste of ground oats (old varieties of fashion or snapshots both) in a little water to burns.

4. green tea bags

tannins and phytochemicals in green tea ground can be applied topically to soothe burns. This Japanese folk remedy has been used for decades by the healers who use tea Kampo in burned skin to prevent blisters. Tannin creates a protective membrane (scab) on the skin to quickly heal infections.

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5. Apples

To cure fast blisters, rub pieces of raw apple on the burn. You can even apply beet pectin. This remedy should be followed in the first 2-3 days after onset of burns to prevent blistering and scarring.

6. Cucumber

This remedy cooling draws literally out of the heat of the burn. Apply grated cucumber juice or use it as a poultice on the skin to heal faster blisters.

7. The marigold of

Apply calendula quickly on the burn and repeated application several times a day to relieve the burn and prevent blistering. This remedy prevents healing and also provides an antiseptic action to treat tissue quickly.

8. Chamomile tea

As soon as the burn occurs, apply chamomile tea prepared to accelerate heal the skin. This anti-inflammatory remedy for burns rapidly decreases inflammation and alleviates skin tissue.

9. Ginger

Ginger root stimulates circulation of the skin and soothes inflamed tissues. It is also anti-inflammatory and relieves pain. Ginger can inhibit the growth of bacteria quickly and can be used immediately burns first and second grade to avoid complications.

10. Lavender oil

lavender essential oil is another remedy soothing, healing. It stops the pain and promotes rapid healing of tissues.Keep a bottle of lavender essential oil in hand always.

11. Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes can be used for cooling the skin quickly. Just Grate potatoes 02.03 and apply the juice on the skin to prevent blisters.

12. Apple cider vinegar

burned Soaking in diluted apple cider vinegar part. You can even soak a clean bandage to stroke and apply it to the burned skin.

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Liquid 13. St. John’s Wort

St. St. John’s Wort has many healing properties and burns are one of them. Add 2 tablespoons liquid to a cup of boiling water. Let it cool.

Apply plain yogurt to sunburned as soon as possible to heal the skin quickly. This remedy will also stop the pain.

15. Aloe Vera

One of the best home remedies to cure the blisters quickly is Aloe Vera. Cut open a leaf of Aloe Vera plant and apply the gel on the skin. This remedy instantly soothes the skin and prevents scars and blisters.

16. DIY homemade recipe burn salve

To make an ointment home recording, use the following ingredients:


  • ½ cup raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil extra
  • 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel

Mix all ingredients and store in a clean bottle or jar Mason. Use the ointment immediately. Both coconut oil and honey for burns are proven remedies that make this an ideal ointment for healing them faster recipe. Use the mixture several times a day. If it crystallizes, simply place it in a hot water bath until the ointment becomes liquid again.

17. elderberries

Rub the fruit and the fruit skin elderberry skin to heal burns quickly.

Do not use remedies like butter that can make things worse. If the skin does not heal within 3-4 days or it changes color or oozing pus, then seek medical help immediately.

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