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How To Grow ALOE VERA At Home And Reap Its Health Benefits

herb Aloe Vera is one of the most popular herbs worldwide thanks to its numerous cosmetic and medicinal properties.

What makes this plant is very attractive its exotic appearance, however, there are 2 more reasons that Aloe Vera is most recommended.

As mentioned earlier, the leaves of Aloe Vera can be used to treat numerous health problems, both adults and children. What makes this better chemical plant medicine is that it is completely free of side effects and natural.

Close up Aloe Vera Plant, outdoor pots

How to grow Aloe Vera at home

If you are interested in growing the plant at home, there are several ways that can spread:

  • Seeds
  • leaf and stem cuttings
  • tubers Division

While propagate, keep these several useful tips in mind:

  • Propagation not hurt the plant in some form
  • not spread while the succulent is flourishing
  • For the cultivation, use light soil mix with some coal and brick chips
  • do not over water during the summer period. Leave it outdoors during the night and meet some air dew.
  • Keep the plant inside as soon as the temperatures begin to fall below +10 degrees C.
  • The plant can be supplied with special dressings cacti and succulents, but saturate the soil with nitrogen fertilizers and occasionally containing minerals.
  • Carefully transplant the young. They should be transplanted 1 time per year and if the plant is more than 3 years old -. Every 3 years

Once you know these tips and tricks, it’s time to learn how to plant and prune that:

  • Make sure the soil before planting is dry -. Do not water that
  • When the plant from its pot is removed, clean the roots touching.
  • Remove damaged roots without harming healthy.
  • It is recommended

  • Parties sliced ​​to be sprinkled with powdered charcoal or sulfur.
  • Use sharp pruning shears.
  • When a plant grower, not water for 5 days.
  • The plant will root quickly if kept in the shade for a while.

how to plant the Aloe Vera plant seed Use:

  • to +21 degrees are seeded C immediately after maturation
  • This is recommended between February and March
  • Make sure the soil contains leaf, sand and grass land light
  • Add coal and broken bricks on the ground.

can be safely planted in decorative pots leaves after the plant gets 2 sheets.


Aloe Vera and health benefits

As mentioned above, the Aloe Vera plant is widely known for its healing and medicinal properties thanks to its antioxidant abilities and stimulating the immune system that scavenge free radicals in the body simply by drinking Aloe Vera juice.

herb Aloe Vera is also used in almost all cosmetic products for its ability to disinfect broken skin, nourish, moisturize and he and his ability to accelerate the process of regeneration of new skin tissue. Therefore the application of Aloe Vera gel on your face, you’re guaranteed a healthy and shiny and wrinkle-free face.

also addresses many other skin problems such as sunburn, insect bites, inflammation, blisters, allergic reactions and many more. Even people with sensitive skin can use Aloe Vera without any side effects.

However, the benefits of Aloe Vera juice take care of its internal parts. The juice stimulates cleansing your body and helps eliminate toxins and chemicals buildups in your body. You can also improve your energy levels and help maintain a healthy weight if you drink regularly.

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Aloe Vera is also good for your oral health as it protects the gums thanks to its antimicrobial properties, as well as vitamins and minerals that promote cell growth and repair of damaged and bleeding gums. All this can be achieved simply spray some Aloe Vera powder on your toothbrush and keep the good, strong, healthy teeth can be done by drinking Aloe Vera juice.

Wealth in Aloe Vera fiber helps digestion and improves bowel movement because it is a natural laxative. This makes it very efficient in treating constipation. To achieve this, drink 2 ounces of Aloe Vera juice on a daily basis. an improvement only 10 hours later feel.

Aloe Vera is also an effective method of treatment for arthritis and joint pain. Drinking juice to reduce inflammation anywhere in the body.

And last but not least, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is considered an amazing home remedy for mild to moderate ulcerative colitis.

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