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How to Get Rosy White Skin in Urdu

So many articles that show how to get a clearer skin. This article will show you not only how to whiten skin, but how to keep it with a rosy glow. Most of these methods are home remedies untested. If you are concerned about side effects or skin discoloration possible, consult your doctor or dermatologist for advice.
This improves skin color and elasticity. This will help keep your skin firm, maintaining its basic collagen support structure. You can increase your intake of vitamin C by:
Eat more foods containing vitamin C. These include citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, blackcurrant, etc.Fruits / juices, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and peas green
take tablets of vitamin C. If you choose to do it this way, you should take 250 mg / day. Do not go beyond this amount.
How to Get Rosy White Skin

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