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How to get rid of your unwanted makeup ethically

If you use most of your collection, or are full of items with reusable applicators, there are also Facebook and Reddit groups where you can name your own price and contact potential buyers. Of course, when buying used makeup there can always be some risk of hygiene problems or counterfeit items, so if you are going to buy in this way (which can often be better than buying new products from a major retailer), do it for your account. risk.

Give it to friends and family

Giving what does not work to your friends or relatives may be the simplest "donation" method in the book, but that is because it has been tried and tested. What may not work with the tone of your skin could be a perfect match for your friend. Not only do you not need to send anything, but it will probably also be your friend's day when you deliver the unwanted options and add them to your collection!

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Source: https://www.greenmatters.com/p/donate-sell-used-makeup

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