Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually develops in warm and humid places. The fungus, tinea pedis, grows between the toes, on top of the feet, toenails in and between the fingers. White and scaly, redness and spots are indicative of the fungus. Symptoms of athlete’s foot may include itching, burning and stinging. athlete’s foot fungus frequents public showers and locker rooms, indoor swimming pools and health clubs, and is highly contagious. Contact with shoes or socks containing the fungus, wet floors, or exercise equipment (remember you can live through your fingers too) the virus can spread.

The good news is that it can deter foot fungus athlete without being maintained with the use of flip flops around public pools or showers and ensure your feet, including between your fingers, carefully dried after bathing or swimming. You should keep your nails shorter length feet that is comfortable for you, because the fungus can live under the nails. Toenails that are long could retain moisture and provide a shelter for the fungus. You should not let sweaty socks or shoes for longer than necessary. And do not forget – if your feet tend to sweat a lot during the day, or if you are particularly active, take a new pair of socks organic cotton with you and change them in the middle of the day (cotton is more absorbent than synthetic materials and better for the feet), and not wear the same shoes the next day – give them time to completely dry and air out. And now, we will show how to get rid of athlete’s foot – in any natural way:

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How to get rid of painful foot athlete – Home Remedies


This super healthy plant is known due to its potent antifungal and antibacterial properties, meaning it is highly efficient and beneficial when it comes to the destruction of the bacteria causing the infection as well. Just follow the simple instructions. Here’s what to do:

  • First, you should take five pods of garlic, then peel and crush them.
  • Then, it is necessary to apply the garlic directly on the infected region.
  • And now, you should take a sterile gauze or tape and use it to secure the garlic. It is left for a few hours.
  • Remove the garlic, and then, 20 minutes later, repeat the same procedure.
  • Use this method 3 times a day for one month.
  • And, use this treatment for 15 days and once you finish treatment, the infection has disappeared.


This super healthy ingredient has a potent antifungal and antiperspirant properties. It is not only useful when it comes to clear the infection! Here’s what to do:

  • is very simple – first, you must have 10 cinnamon sticks and break them into tiny pieces
  • .

  • Then, you need to add four cups of boiling water.
  • boil for 5 minutes at low temperature. Then let stand for 45 minutes.
  • soak your feet in this solution for about 30 minutes.
  • repeat this procedure every night before going to bed one to two months.
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Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is also very useful and beneficial against this skin problem. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the pH of the skin and thus controls the activities of fungi.

  • This is what needs to be done -. Just combine 3 parts baking soda with one-part cold water and make a thick paste
  • Using circular motion Apply this paste to his feet, covering all areas feet (between the toes too). At the end, let it dry for several minutes.
  • Finally, wash your feet with cold water and pat them dry.


How does this – well, tannic acid in tea is a natural astringent that helps to control fungal activity and also helps keep excess moisture free feet. Here’s what to do:

  • First, you should take five bags of black tea and soak in four cups of boiling water for five minutes.
  • Allow to cool for 20 minutes.
  • Soak your feet in tea for half an hour. In the end, dry your feet well.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day for five to six weeks. And trust me, you will be surprised by the results.

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