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How to Get Rid of White Hairs in Urdu

white hair is usually seen as a sign of aging, so it is understandable that you want to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to cover gray hair, prevent more than growing and even reverse the process. Just start with Step 1 below for more information.
Eat a diet for healthy hair. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet plays an important role in the health of your hair paper, so make sure your body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients favorable for hair that needs can help prevent white hairs.
Make sure you are eating plenty of lean protein (hair is made of protein), fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Drink plenty of water for hydration.
More specifically, make sure you are getting enough vitamin B12 and the mineral zinc. If you do not feel you are getting enough in their natural diet.
Also make sure you are getting the right amount of vitamins A, C and E, and minerals such as copper, iron and folic acid.
Biotin (sometimes called vitamin H) is another important for healthy hair, natural color vitamin. It is found in foods like cucumbers, oats and almonds.
Home Remedies for White Hairs

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