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How to get rid of weeds without using harsh chemicals

A person pulling weeds
Weeds can spread through your garden quickly (Image: Getty)

Hopefully, if you have given them enough water, the recent heat wave has helped their plants thrive.

But creating good conditions for plants also creates conditions for which you don't want: weeds.

It is better to avoid aggressive chemical herbicides, as they can kill other plants and can be dangerous for pets.

So how can you keep your garden clean and tidy, or just get rid of those annoying leaves that protrude between the bricks of your balcony?

According to Freddie Blackett, CEO and co-founder of Patch, the best way to stop weeds is to prevent them from growing in the first place.

He explains: "Even the world's largest producer will have to fight weeds. No matter how careful you are, they will always try to infiltrate beds, pots, even small gaps between slabs. Weeds are annoying, but they are not so difficult to maintain. under control if the correct steps are taken.



"The best way to keep weeds away is not to give them the opportunity to grow in the first place. Before you even put your new plant in your planter, make sure it is really clean. If you are reusing the planters, there is a risk of Have some weed seeds lurking.

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‘Use hot soapy water to thoroughly clean your planter before placing any new plants in it (be sure to rinse thoroughly). For a really deep cleaning, you can use a diluted bleach solution, but if you plan on doing so, be sure to try it first in a small and discreet place, to make sure it doesn't stain the planter. "

Someone with a big grass
Try to get them before they grow too much and spread seeds (Image: Getty)

Once you have planted your flowers and shrubs, you can stop the weeds by covering the exposed soil in the pot with mulch, made of wood chips and other garden debris.

Freddie explains: & # 39; The mulch will keep the soil cool and prevent the light from reaching it, making it harder for invasive weeds to germinate. Replace the mulch every year. Alternatively, you could achieve the same result by covering the floor with pebbles or shells, if you fancy something more decorative. You just want something that blocks the light but let the plant breathe. "

But if it's too late for prevention, it's already in a weed jungle, there are still things you can do.



Freddie adds: & # 39; When you see that one shows his unwanted head, stop him on his way. Just take a quick look at your planters every week and lift the young weeds. You want to get rid of them before they get big and drop seeds, because then you will be dealing with a whole family of invaders.

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"Of course, weeds not only infest pots and flowerpots. They also tend to find their way to any small crevices, on roads, terraces or balconies. These should not be shown mercy. One solution is to pour boiling water into anyone you see, what should kill them. We don't suggest that for balconies, since you never know who could be innocently sitting on the balcony under his.

"You can also use a saline solution, poured into the cracks wherever you see weeds. It will make the soil completely inhospitable for plants, so be very careful not to pour salt water near any soil in which you want to grow any thing. "

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