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How to get rid of weeds on your lawn without fighting chemical warfare

Now that we are in the growing season, the first thing we notice most of us is how well weeds are in our yards and gardens. While some of us tackle the task of hand cleaning dandelions, walnuts and clover, others rely on chemicals to eliminate weeds. And many of them will do it incorrectly, applying too much, too little, or too often.

Artificial or natural herbicides and pesticides can be dangerous to humans, pets and the environment if they are not used correctly. And in many cases, there are alternative, less harmful ways to reduce weeds and reduce mosquitoes, cutworms, Japanese beetles and other garden pests.

The next thing that you notice at this time of year are the trees that have died completely or that need pruning to eliminate the dead branches. The severe storms that we have already had this year have shown how dangerous dead or stressed trees can be for life and property.

Union Cincinnati Edition to discuss various methods to control weeds and pests, the correct way to use garden chemicals and the proper way to care for trees that show signs of damage is Joshua Jones, manager of community gardens at Turner Farm; Madison Tree Care & Landscaping vice president, Jon Butcher; and Boone County Cooperative Extension Horticultural Extension Agent, David Koester.

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Take note of Turner Farm's upcoming gardening programs, as well as Boone County Extension program information.

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