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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Naturally

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Naturally

our body hair is normal but excessive hair condition is seen as an obstacle to looking flawless and beautiful. Body hair is known to have vital functions. This helps protect the skin from dust particles. It acts as a protective layer on the cells of the fine and delicate skin and to preserve body heat. However, it looks like when the hair is unsightly excess. Therefore, today men and women are obsessed about body hair removal in order to flaunt their skin and complexion. It is that excess body hair makes you look dark. As equity is seen as a sign of beauty and good preparation, everyone wants to get rid of excess body and facial hair removal .

Causes of excess body hair

is common to have body hair. Some people have more hair growth on your body than others. However, there are certain hormonal conditions that bring excessive hair growth:
• The hirsutism is a condition that is caused by a hormonal disorder; which leads to excessive hair growth.
• Excessive hair growth or abnormal hair growth on the face or other body areas is mainly caused by hormonal changes.
• An increase in the level of androgens in women can increase facial hair growth
• Polycystic ovary syndrome can lead to excessive hair growth
• tumor in the adrenal gland
• insulin resistance
• Cushing’s disease
Here are some of the many causes that lead to excessive body and facial hair growth.

Symptoms of excess hair growth

If one suffers from hair growth will see the following excessive symptoms:
• abnormal hair growth on the face
• hair growth occurs within a short period of time
• the body hair also increases
• Such hair growth it may be accompanied by an increase in mass muscular, changes Voce and acne flares

How to get rid of unwanted hair naturally

Today there are many methods and devices that help one to control their body hair and facial hair growth cosmetics. Most men and women today in frequent clinical day in order to get the treatments done hair removal and other procedures such as electrolysis, laser hair removal and other more permanent solutions. However, such procedures are costly and time consuming. They need one to make several visits to the dermatologist or clinic and spend a lot of money to get the desired effect. Instead, you can follow many simple and effective home remedies for removing unwanted hair

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1. The use of a house made Scrub

it is known that a mixture of:
• turmeric powder
• chickpea flour
• the water
one This paste should be applied on the body and face and allowed to dry. Then gently rubbing should be removed. It helps eliminate excess facial and body hair thin.

2. The use of pumice

This stone is known to help scrub out fine hair when used regularly:
• While taking bath should be used to wash hands and legs
• unwanted body hair is removed out this way

3. Homemade wax treatment

One can follow a homemade hair removal will be effective version, but painful:
• Make a mixture of honey, lemon and sugar
• Apply the mixture is heated in areas where the hair has to be removed
• the hair should not be too long or dense
once the mixture is applied, a strip of cellophane or fabric can be used to remove the hair from the roots. The cloth or cellophane should be pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.

4. The use of wax: Man chest hair

When you want to remove hair male breast that can use home treatment Hair:
• hot wax molten should be used
• once applied cloth or cellophane should be used to pull the hair

5. Plucking or tweezing
When you have little hair on his chin, like some women, the best is:
• Start the hair with a pair of tweezers
• the use of the house made of wax consisting of sugar, lemon juice and water also will help remove hair

6. remove the hair on the chin

Some women have more hair on the chin area and want to remove it:
• the wax solution made at home can use

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• a mixture of honey and lemon juice can be applied and then rinsed off after ten or fifteen minutes
Such a remedy should be done twice week.

7. Razors

While shaving is an easy way to get rid of excess body hair, has certain limitations. This will make the hair grow back faster and the hair will be thick, unlike the process of waxing:
• A razor simple razor can be used to cut unwanted hair from hands, legs and underarms even while taking bath
• should lathering with soap
• it is best to use warm water before shaving as it helps to open the pores
• once the shaving, cold water will help close pores

8. remove the hair of the eyebrows

• tweezing or plucking help remove excess eyebrow hair
• using small scissors could also Rick make

9. different Made in scrubs home

There are different ingredients that can act as effective exfoliants to help reduce body hair:
• Yogurt
• Cream milk
• Gram or chickpea flour
Pastas made from such ingredients that help reduce body hair when used regularly or twice or three times a week.

10. Depilatories

If you prefer not to use the treatment of painful hair removal can opt for a depilatory:
• the cream should be applied over the area where hair is he has taken off
• Leave on for ten or fifteen minutes
• immediately wash
This is a painless and effective way to remove hair at home.

11. Increase Soy products

• Having more products like soy in their diet
• As help increase estrogen levels androgen levels are maintained in Control

12. have a balanced diet

If you have a low body weight and body fat may see an increase in body hair to maintain optimal body temperature:
• Follow a balanced diet
• Include healthy fats, milk and vegetables in your diet

are you concerned about the cosmetic hair removal procedures? You can opt for these simple and effective home remedies to maintain hair growth under control.

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