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How to Get rid of Toothache Fast – Most Powerful Natural Ways

Toothaches are horrible. They can give you sleepless nights and restless days. Toothache can range from a mild pain to excruciating pain. There could be many reasons for toothache, as extraction of teeth, cavity fillings loose, broken tooth, wisdom teeth, gum disease or infection.

Of course, you should go to a dentist if the pain is unbearable, but if the pain is bearable or until you see the dentist can use some natural home remedies to get rid of your toothache. There are many immediate relief from pain natural home remedies that might work wonder to relieve toothaches. These natural home remedies can save drug if it is common in your case.

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In this article, we will reveal some really powerful home remedies to get rid of pain fast teeth.

1. Cloves for toothache instantly rid ot

This is the most popular and effective remedy for toothache home . It works almost all the time. You can help get rid of some pain instantly, but if you have excruciating pain then can be used as a method of temporary pain relief to see the dentist.


Take a tooth and placed inside the mouth pain in the area where you feel pain. You can also use clove oil if available. Just rub a little oil of clove on the painful area several times to get rid of toothaches. It works almost instantly.

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2. Cold compress to get relief from toothache

cold compress would numb the area and therefore decrease the sensation of pain. It will also help reduce swelling if any.

cold compress

Using ice to get rid of toothache

  1. Take some ice and wrapped in a towel
  2. a time where his swollen cheek
  3. hold untill your tooth becomes insensitive
  4. Do it at regular intervals until you meet with your dentist.
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This is a temporary solution to the problem of toothache solution. ice pack operates most of the time.

3. Salt and pepper Wash to get rid of toothache

Salt and pepper rinse is another ancient natural method to get rid of toothache . All you need for this natural tooth pain relieving method is 1 tablespoon salt, pinch of pepper and warm water.

mouth rinse

How to use salt and pepper to get rid of toothache

  1. Take hot water a glass in a glass
  2. Add a tablespoon of salt and a pinch of pepper to it
  3. Mix well and rinse your mouth with it
  4. works best if you gargle with salt and pepper water for 5-7 minutes

gargle with salt and pepper solution helps relieve pain. It is very effective in get rid of toothache .

4. Ajo to get rid of toothache

Garlic has healing properties. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties that helps in relieving tooth pain.


Using garlic to get rid of toothache

  1. Take a clove of garlic
  2. crush and place it on the affected area of ​​the tooth
  3. can also add salt to it.

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5. The tea tree oil for relief tooth pain

tea tree oil is another useful ingredient get rid of toothache . Especially, children can use it, not because you want to place a clove of garlic or mouth.

Take a few drops of tea tree oil and rub it on the affected area, affected gum or tooth. Regular application ease the pain soon.

tea tree oil

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6. The alcohol to get rid of toothache

alcohol are able to relieve toothache. If you have any alcohol available at home is vodka, whiskey or vodka then put a few drops of alchol cotton and dab it on the affected area in the mouth.

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This natural method will not cure the pain but will help relieve it.

7. The hydrogen peroxide to get rid of pain fast wheels

Hydrogen peroxide is believed to relieve toothache very fast. It will also help kill bacteria or infection that has caught your tooth. It is necessary that the mouth with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide rinse. This solution is only for rinsing. Spit it out and do it again at regular intervals.

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8. Lemon to get rid of toothaches

lemon It has antibacterial properties and is a great source of citric acid can help relieve pain. Take a slice of lemon or you can take a little lemon juice and put a few drops on a cotton ball. Apply to the affected area. This will reduce the toothache.

lemon juice

hope these Tips natural tooth pain relief that help get rid of toothaches. Please remember that these tips may not cure the problem. They can only provide temporary relief of toothache. Visit a doctor when it came time to discuss the problem and solve it completely comes.

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