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How to get rid of the toxic people around you

In general terms, we talk and focus on the importance of eliminating and eliminating toxic foods, movies and beverages, but we forget the importance of eliminating toxic people with toxic attitudes from their lives. Like all other things that are toxic in nature, toxic people can poison and infect our lives with psychological, emotional and physical illnesses. Eliminating toxic people can be difficult, especially when we have a connection with them. However, here are some tips that will help you eliminate any type of toxic person from your life:

1. Identify the toxic nature.

The first thing to do on the trip to get rid of toxic people is to identify those people and how toxic they are. Research has shown some traits that will help you identify a toxic person. You can consider people as toxic when:

They are manipulators.
They are very judicious.
They never apologize.
They are not supportive.
They always demand that you prove yourself to them.
They never take responsibility.

If you are in some form of relationship, where the person exhibits any of those traits (consistently), you are with a toxic person. Knowing this is the first step to be free.

2. Do not try to change them.

Many times, we fall into the trap of thinking that it is our responsibility to change people who are toxic or who will eventually change. To get rid of them, you must be prepared to accept that they will not change and that it is not your duty to try to change your attitude. The interesting thing is that they always seem willing to take advice and change, but they do not.

When you stop looking for your salvation it becomes easier to abandon them. I remember that it was difficult for me to leave a toxic relationship. This was because every day I woke up convinced that the other person was going to change. She did not do it. I gave up trying to save her to move on.

3. be firm

Most toxic people are like parasites, they do not do well without their host. This means that just telling them to leave their lives may not be enough because they will always try to return. It is at this point that you must reaffirm your position without getting upset. Your actions should also reflect your words (when you say "disappear", you should stay away from them).

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4. Form clearly defined boundaries.

When dealing with toxic people, it is important that you set limits on what they can do with you and what they can not. These limits must be met because toxic people always try to find a way to sneak back into their life. For example, if you plan on limiting interactions to just greetings, make sure that when you try to discuss a topic for a conversation, interrupt them.

Of course, this could be difficult, but anything worth doing is worth doing well. Several motivational quotes for students, workers, teachers, among others, establish the importance of establishing and maintaining limits, regardless of cost.

5. Know and possess your weaknesses and failures.

Toxic people are masters in the art of exploiting their failure for their own selfish interest. However, when you come to understand and accept your weaknesses (with the intention of improving and improving), your control over you fails. This makes the task of expelling them from your life more efficient.

Owning your weaknesses also includes believing in yourself and enjoying your strength and success. This also helps you see why your life is too valuable to allow toxic people to enter.

6. Do not be nice to them

When we try to eliminate a disease from our body or to eliminate a toxic food or drink, we are not pleasant. The same goes for toxic people. Do not smile at them, do not be kind to them, rather, be strict and ask them to come out of your life.

This does not mean that you should become a terrible or cruel person. Just make sure that your seriousness and posture do not leave doubts of your intention in their minds.

7. Let them go emotionally (forgive)

Do not just focus on physically getting rid of a toxic person, but also getting rid of them emotionally. If a toxic person hurts you, forgive the person in your heart while you let them go. In this way, the person does not stay to torture and emotionally poison him, even after he has physically gone.

Remember that forgiving them is not to forget that they are toxic people, it is only to allow their heart to move from them as well. The lack of forgiveness is the reason why many people still feel overwhelmed by the toxic relationships of those outside.

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8. Avoid the baits of the crises.

Toxic people always try to return to your life or stay there keeping you always involved in a crisis that occurs in your life. To get rid of toxic people, you must be ready to get away from the so-called crisis and move on with your own life. Ignoring toxic people is an effective way to have them pack their bags and abandon their lives.

9. Change your company

One way to deal with the effect of the bad things that have happened in your life is to begin to assimilate the good things. To get rid of toxic people, surround yourself with responsible and charming people. The toxic person will have no choice but to back down.

There was a friend of mine who had a negative and toxic view of everything, to get rid of him, I became friends with some guys with many positive vibes. After a while, I noticed that he barely surrounded me when I was with them. With time, he left me.

Also, through positive relationships, you can improve your weaknesses. It will also be easier for you to get out of the pain that the negative and toxic relationships might have caused.

10. Learn from experience.

After you have freed yourself from toxic relationships, you have to learn from them. Therefore, before initiating a serious friendship in the relationship, you must verify that such individuals have similar traits. This will help you get rid of toxic people permanently.


Toxic things are poisonous things that can kill us if we do not eliminate them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make sure you do not delay or continue with that toxic friend or in that toxic relationship any longer. It will help you live longer. The tips mentioned above will definitely help you get out of toxic relationships.

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