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How to get rid of the skin of the hangover and recover that shine

It's the holiday season and the feeling of feeling good beat you. Lowering a succession of 10 gins Roku sounded like a For real Good idea last night. But it is precisely the act of repelling all alcohol that will affect your complexion.

Hi hangover skin.



Do you really want to mark the beginning in 2020 with a swollen and flushed face? Yes, we don't think so. So CNA Lifestyle turned to Dr. Calvin Chan, medical director of the Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, for some useful tips to banish the skin from the hangover and maybe even get radiant.

"Alcohol is a diuretic that encourages the body to shed water, so drinking alcohol can make the skin prone to dryness and dehydration," said Dr. Chan.

Drinking in the long term and in excess can cause the skin to become more wrinkled and aged.

“Alcohol also causes inflammation of the body and skin, and this is what causes redness and redness of the face. This download can not only be temporary. If you drink excessively and often for a prolonged period, this reddening of the skin may become more prominent and even permanent due to the rupture of the capillaries. "



According to Dr. Chan, excessive and long-term drinking can cause the skin to wrinkle and age. "These are the results of repeated dehydration damage."

If you plan to participate in a little joy in this holiday season, you may want to see your alcohol consumption. If it is too late, pay attention to these simple steps to rescue and repair your skin.

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No matter how tempting that pillow looks, resist and head straight to the bathroom to take off that face full of blurry makeup (for now). “After a great night of partying, make sure you clean your face well no matter how tired or drunk you are. Take off your makeup thoroughly, wash your face and hydrate before bedtime, ”advised Dr. Chan.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum by Net A PorterDr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, US $ 114.94 (S $ 155.78), from Net A Porter. (Photo: Net A Porter)

A serum with hyaluronic acid helps replenish the hydration you lost, combine it with a moisturizer infused with ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier and minimize evaporation of skin moisture.

Fresh Soybean CleanerFresh soy facial cleanser, S $ 38. (Photo: Fresh)

As the accumulation of dirt is the main culprit for clogged pores, Dr. Chan said, "men should also wash and hydrate their faces well at the end of a party night."

Before falling asleep on sleeping soil, it is a good idea to eliminate toxins and compensate for the diuretic effects of alcohol on the body and skin by receding the water with the same vigor with which you threw your head back to take those gins.

You may also want to consider sleeping on your back with your head slightly raised to promote fluid drainage, so you are less likely to be swollen the next morning.


Clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanserClarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, S $ 50. (Photo: Clarins)

Exfoliate: Your skin has lost a lot of moisture after consuming too much alcohol, so it may feel drier than usual and even flaky patches may appear. The exfoliation acts as a mini facial to remove dry skin.

Rejuran Healing Mask ($ 53.50 / box of 5 pieces) by Calvin Chan AsetheticsRejuran Healing Mask, S $ 53.50 (a box of 5 pieces), from Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic. (Photo: Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser Clinic)

Restore: Accelerate skin recovery by applying a moisturizing facial mask the next morning, Dr. Chan suggested. "Hyaluronic acid has a very high capacity to attract water and is used to replenish moisture in dehydrated and damaged skin tissue."

Tip: A cold sheet mask also acts as a cold compress to help fight swelling.

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This Works Morning Expert vitamin C Power mask from SephoraThis Works Morning Expert Vitamin C Power Mask, S $ 68, from Sephora. (Photo: Sephora)

Replenish: The redness or redness on the face you experienced last night is a form of skin inflammation. Topical and / or internal application of antioxidants will help fight inflammation.

“A gold standard for topical antioxidants is vitamin C, which strengthens the skin's immune system and fights free radical damage. A serum that contains vitamin C can protect and repair the skin effectively, "said Dr. Chan.

Alternatively, you can drink your vitamin C (for example, orange juice) to help your body recover faster from a hangover too.

INDIE LEE I-Waken Eye Serum by SephoraIndie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum, S $ 71, from Sephora. (Photo: Sephora)

Retaliate: Do the eyes have a bad case of swelling? Get rid of residual swelling of the hangover with topical help. An eye serum containing horse chestnut and antioxidants helps to constrict blood vessels (to eliminate swelling) and eliminate dark circles. Gently massage around the eye area with the ring finger to help remove excess fluid and eventually minimize swelling.

ReFa CARAT RAY CARAReFa CARAT RAY FACE, S $ 330. (Photo: Refa)

React: Home sculpting devices, such as a facial roller, are a shortcut to deburring in minutes. Facial balancing promotes lymphatic drainage by energizing and lifting the skin.

Hydrafacial MD by Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser ClinicHydrafacial MD, S $ 160.50, by Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic. (Photo: Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser Clinic)

Refer: If the DIY is not making enough progress, see a professional. The Hydrafacial MD (S $ 160.50), a multi-step facial that deeply cleanses and infuses moisture to help the skin recover faster, in 30 minutes to be exact, has the ability to rejuvenate your face for glory prior to the hangover.

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