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How to get rid of the ants in your yard and garden

The little red and brown ants, the field ants and the big black ants seem to be everywhere this season, and some have wings. They proliferate in the most common places, such as cracks in sidewalks, access roads and patios, but also in the wooden coverage in and around the landscape.

If it is problematic, try reducing your number with boiling water or homemade sprays of diluted vinegar sprayed in the anthill or in cracks (not in or near landscape plants).

Avoid entering the house with salt scattered near the doors. Eliminate indoor food sources: clean up spilled food and water; Do not leave pet food inside or outside the house.

Killing the queen is the most effective approach, which requires insecticides to penetrate the nest. Try commercially available baits so that when eaten by an ant, the chemical will return to the entire colony. As with any product purchased or made at home, be careful with people and pets and read all package instructions for usage, placement and expiration information. Check out this useful publication of Planttalk Colorado.

Source: https://www.denverpost.com/2019/06/14/remove-ants-garden/

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